For Deola

This is an unusual post for an unusual person; Adeola Eshilokun is not just a wonderful person, she’s a great friend. I hope she’s greater at being a girlfriend and will eventually make an exceptional wife. This is a tribute to her on her birthday, please enjoy… 🙂

She came into my life
With audacious words ‘mi o je gba’
I struggled, a riposte to fire
Yet my tongue, tied was (fingers refused to press keys :d)

She followed, and smiled
‘Ogbeni, you’ll need to follow back’
Her words, commanding
Still my usual self calmly lounges, obeying

We became fast friends
Tweeting way into the night (she is an insomniac x_x)
Like bbm, twitter became a new rave
For she shone thereon like a million stars

My friend, that would make twitter trend
Though, ‘Occupy Nigeria’ fiesta came to an end
Still, like a shadow she stuck tenacious to me
Slowly, gently, and surely I left my shell

Over the months I’ve suffered much for her
Being hated on by too many girls (and I anticipate pips won’t like this one bit :p)
Still like bread and butter, together we jelled
For she became the twitter I know

Months have passed
Still this understanding remains
For a new one asks, did you just meet her?
My response is to smile and say… ‘no’.

‘Tis your day today, dear one
On my day, you did a pictorial dedication
I won’t use your picture, no! No!! No!!!
I’ll just sing and hope you like:
A song for friendship and love
A song to be your help (I’m not the dump on guy, mind you :|)
A song to celebrate your life
For you have brightened mine
So ‘grandma’ raise a glass, this be my prayer for thee:
‘Wellness shall spring from you,
‘A virtuous woman keeping hers
‘You will experience ALL that God has for you.’

Happy birthday my tweetwife
Enjoy your day…

PS: you can follow @dehorl on twitter, she’ll entertain you to no end…


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