It’s A Man’s WORLD

It’s a man world
So says the ladies to man
So believe I and him
Foolish people, we’ve been swindled anew

A man child born, fears none
A free spirit, running amok and experiencing new things
The world stands still for him, or so he thinks
Till mum scorns and he’s put in check

Adolescent, his spirit soars
Boundless, he cannot be restricted
Brimming enthusiasm and verve his forte
Till his sister(s) chide and he tows their path

Teenage and twenties he’s making waves
Dominating exams and building a career
The one looked to for inspiration, he strides
Still, the cry of a lady rattles him, to no end

Then he grows
Matured, he takes a partner
A husband, father, loving, caring and strong
Still, to his wife he yields

Tis often said tis a man’s world
Sadly tis a lie to appease the ego of man
For tis who dominates that rules
And to the women in his life a man succumbs
First to mother, then sister(s) and so it goes…
Till he marries and his wife rules
Worst of all if he have daughter(s)
They rule him above mother, sister and even wife
So a man is defined thus
Son, brother, lover, husband and father
All in relation to his women
So the poser, it’s a man’s world…
I ask thee reader, really?


5 thoughts on “It’s A Man’s WORLD

  1. I won’t quite say “dominate”/”rule” are the ideal words, more like the man “obliges”, “permits” or is ” persuaded” *VERY big grin* hehehe

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