Mr and Mrs A Lesson In Thought

So I got this movie from friends at church on Sunday whilst hanging out and chilling in their unit, enjoying the serenity and quiet of the office they use as their unit’s domain. In comes a mutual friend and he requests for the movie ‘Mr and Mrs’ and my first thought was, yeah right, Olorun maje nba won wo nollywood (loose translation: I’m not interested in seeing any nollywood movie). So I stayed aloof.

The antics and the discussion that followed made me request for the file. A lot had been said in it’s praise and I just had to verify the claims. Trust me, eternal cynic, there’s no way I was gonna allow them praise nollywood that well without knocking it. So I collected the file, transferred it to my laptop and two days later when I was out of movies to see, THIS movie was the only one I hadn’t seen.

I was both sceptical and reluctant to open the file. Eventually I promised myself I would delete both files after fifteen minutes if it’s not worth it. So I dove into the movie, oh, what a ride it was…

The first thing that fascinated me about the movie was the dialogue. Measured. Calculated. To the point. The ripostes and pithy remarks got me jumping, I was enjoying the movie. Wondering as the scenes played why a lady would take all that crap. I mean seriously?!

Then the movie spirals into a ‘Two can play that game’ and ‘act like a lady… Think like a man’ kinda flick and I wondered if the naija version could hold a torch to the former. The latter didn’t even get close although made this year. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a forgettable movie. Keyword, FORGET.

So the storyline ran thus, Susan (that’s the Mrs) was being harassed by Kenneth Abah (that’s the Mr). The Missus had to endure a lot of ridicule in her own home. Reduced to a slave in the guise of a housewife Susan was being suffocated.

Bleeding heart and all, tired of all the junk that was being piled on her, she asked for and got a divorce, quick twist here, she couldn’t really totally ‘free’ her husband due to political reasons so both had to live under the same roof though divorced and drama ensued…

The film plays for about two hours (trust Naija film to always have part 2) but for once in a long while, the writers and the actors got the momentum going. Yes, there was bad acting like in the beginning when the guy was over-doing it, but he settled nicely into the role and it accepted him :d

There’s also that sex scene (note to movie producers, if u can’t show us flesh, abeg edit the scenes out). Outside of that and a few glitches here and there, it’s an entirely good movie. A film that would make you laugh hard at the Mr’s (Ken) thought process when it became glaring his wife wanted out…

Don’t let me spoil this for yer, but like the other two movies I’d earlier featured on this blog Invictus and I hate luv storys you’d find that this is a hugely enlightening movie.

Before I stop, hats off to Nse Ikpe Etim for a wonderful show. Just like Shah Rukh in ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ she made the movie. You have my respect ma’m. 🙂

That said, may una go wash* the feem may e clean well well 🙂 :d peace out!


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