Cupid’s Arrow

Last night cupid’s arrow struck me
In more ways than it should it stopped me
My beliefs,  my values, important as they be
It was I  saw how fickle they could be

Suddenly, a yearn from south of my torso
That we were naked together more so
When you told me the pain of an arrow is a box of pleasure
That what I’ll feel, no man may measure

Your kiss felt very much like my first
It opened my eyes to all of my thirst
Had me asking how I had lived without this
In your lips, your tongue, your kiss a new found bliss

Like you said the arrow had a calming effect
My once stubborn, perversely unyielding self seemed a defect
In obedience I opened my mind, my body and my heart to you
I let you take me,pleasure me, so long as it pleasured you

This morning as I write this
Reflecting on last nights ignorance, or bliss, or blithe
Naked, weak, open, docile as you wanted
Saddened by the news, I am so offended

You’ll be back soon wearing your forged smile
The last thing I’ll do to you will be so vile
You’ll find me here, dead, your stone heart will melt
You took my innocence and with this goodbye I’ll take what’s left

I should have known an arrow could do no good


Rayo Oludairo



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