Curtain Fall

I know I haven’t really written articles in this category. A cursory look tells me I have less than ten published articles and that’s due to the myriad of sports blogs, websites and news channels. I feel that my perspective may perhaps be lost in the sea. So I held my peace.

I am writing this piece however to serve as my evidence when the curtains fall at the end of the football league season starting today. I’m predominantly an English football fan (the premiership has the best promotion agencies), and if anyone in Nigeria gets initiated into the football culture, chances are that person will follow the premiership due to convenience and popularity.

Just before you think or peg me as a trend follower, I’ll beg to differ. Anyone who has read this blog or met me in person knows I love one club above all others – Arsenal, just as the footballer I love best in Nigeria is Kanu Nwankwo (he beat Benedict Iroha marginally).

So I love Arsenal, stale news; I dumped the club a year after Henry quit and David Dein cited irreconcilable differences with the other board members and other unspoken political manouevres. Needless to say, with the sale of Robin Van Persie to perennial rivals Manchester United, Arsenal fans are waking up and realizing what I’ve seen and moved from.

So to the main tori* of today, EPL starts this noon with Arsenal taking on Sunderland at the Emirates, Manchester City taking on Southampton on Sunday and Everton hosting Manchester United and their new boy Van Persie on Monday, this season will start at a frenetic pace.

I have to admit though, I almost fainted minutes before the last season ended. Having staked my money on City to lift the trophy, the blues floundering and almost conceding the title to Man Utd with minutes to play. As the saying goes though, history was made.

So these are the teams I’ll be supporting for the football season 2012-2013. Manchester City for EPL again (scared of the Italians Balotelli and Mancini, still my money’s on them). Real Madrid to defend their La Liga title and go one better than they’ve managed in the Champions League for the past two seasons. And Inter Milan to rediscover their form and compete for the Serie A title.

There, y’all have it. Let no man harass me about Arsenal oo. Y’all just been served my teams 🙂 it’s peace out from me… Let the games begin…


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