How To Sign The NYSC Payment Voucher (PV)

Hey pips, how’s the weekend going? Hope y’all cool? Anyways I’m writing this post in response to search results that recently started redirecting Corpers to my blog. I had hoped to lay to rest this category, but since google algorithm got me listed, I’m doing this.

If you’ve already served, or are yet to, please stop rolling your eyes. Now that the preamble’s out, dearly beloved Corper, come close, let me impact wisdom to you. 🙂

To sign your payment voucher (pv) here are a few tips:

First you need to have been accepted at your PPA (place of primary assignment), you will have to collect an acceptance letter from the ppa if you have not collected that letter or have yet to be accepted at a company or school, you need to be have been accepted to serve with an organisation before you can sign it.

The procedure includes:

1. Go to your local government office with the monthly clearance letter given you by your ppa, or acceptance letter if you are a late bloomer :).

2. Make a copy of the letter and write your name in full, your account number, your bank, your state code and sign on both the original and copy of the letter.

3. Search for your file at the local government office. You’ll see your fellow corps members doing same. If you do not have a file yet, you’ll get one when you go to register at the LGA so do not fret.

4. Place the copy of the letter at the back of your file (for Lagos Corpers only, heard other states don’t stress their Corpers that much). Then take both the clearance letter and your file containing a copy of the letter to your LGI or NYSC representative for endorsement (signing).

5. Fill the payment voucher with the information required and you’re done with pv for the month and can expect alawi alert at the beginning of the next month. 🙂

PS: most states do their clearance exercises from the 1st to 10th of the month. Take note.


4 thoughts on “How To Sign The NYSC Payment Voucher (PV)

  1. okay, so its 25th of january, and i still havent done my clearance because i was admitted in the hospital. what do i do, can i still do the clearance so i can be paid? what steps do i take?

    • I sent you a mail because I do not know if you have a wordpress account, so posting the response here may not actually be in your best interest. Anyways, hope you get the mail and it answers your questions.

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