Unveiling Eradu Clothing at 7

It’s a new month pips, incidentally, Erad, a close pal is celebrating the seventh anniversary of his clothing line. Following is the conversation we had about the last seven years in business and the hurdles and challenges he’s had to surmount,  Enjoy…

Daireenonline: Can we meet the personality behind Eradu Clothing ?

Eradu: (smiles) Dare was born in the mid 80s to Mr and Mrs Olaniyi, I was born into a family of 6, last of my mum and I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. God gave me the ability to draw and I do draw comics while I was very young… fast forward to 2003, wrote jamb and admission was taking like forever, so momma made sure I went to a graphic school to keep me busy, I spent two years on it and I wanted run a part-time program and work as a graphic artist but mum said NO, that I should go for a full time course in school. I got admitted to do a Pre-Degree Science course in Olabisi Onabanjo University in 2004. A year later I got admitted as a full time student of the school to study Physics with Electronics.

Daireenonline: (cuts in, jokingly) Dude chill na, you wan talk all the talk finish one time ni? (seriously) Physics, sounds like a very serious subject now, how did you combine studies and the Eradu clothing line because I personally hate that course, as you well know…

Eradu: Since mom said I couldn’t work full time, as a street boy that needed to have some coins in his pockets, I started thinking of what to do part-time. I did not want to make a nuisance of myself going home all the time to ask for money. So I sat down and weighed my options. It was a choice between scamming and doing a legit business. I opted for the latter and I can well say that I’m not sorry for the choice I made back then, because though it hasn’t been rosy and all, I have made some landmark strides in the industry, and I believe I am just beginning.

Daireenonline: How exactly did the clothing line begin?

Eradu: I was still contemplating on the choice of what to do to make money back then, when I went home and saw a friend (Olusola Ogunsola) wearing a t-shirt with a plate number design. I borrowed the shirt and took it to my graphic tutor and who explained how I could achieve the graphic design on a shirt. So I asked my sister (Olusola Adeosun) how could I get a plain t-shirt, she told me I could get the fabric at Tejuosho, so we went there together and luckily for me I met my first tailor who made me three shirts and the total cost for the 3 shirts then amounted to N3000. Olusola and my sister gave birth to a brand and I can’t forget the two of them… as in EVER.

Now the issue of a brand name came up, trying to be unique, I spoke to my friend Dare Sobowale who was supposed to partner with me and start up together but he was looking for big capital whilst I wanted to start small, so I started with the three shirts I had made.

Daireenonline: Na wah oo. So you started the clothing line with just three shirts? (Incredulous) Anyways, how did you arrive at the brand name Erad, or did you just decide to spell your name backwards?

Eradu: Erad was coined from Dare on the 1st of august in 2005, thus the tagline ‘since 1805’. It was formed by Dare Sobowale and I. So Erad was what I used to keep body, mind and soul together while I was in school. Advancing and getting better with prints and designs, I have to say a big thank you to those who were part of the transitioning process for their understanding and patience, because without them…

Daireenonline: We all need help of family and friends (smiles) me sef dey add my own join abi? Anyways You started as Erad Unltd, what informed Eradu Clothing?

Eradu: Erad UNLTD Clothing Company (ERADU CLOTHINGS officially registered with CAC) started fully after I obtained my bachelor’s degree, I poured more energy into it and came up with different designs. And we are still working to make it one of the best brands in Nigeria and world at large. Still very far from where we wanna be and with your help, constructive criticisms and referrals we can all make the dream a REALITY.

Daireenonline: (playfully) Hope say you go dey pay me for adverts and all sha? By the way what kind of clothes does your clothing line offer?

Eradu: We are into all kinds of casual wears at the moment. Soon we would diversify and make all the kinds of clothes people wear, creating a unique brand. We will keep you informed as events unfold.

Daireenonline: Ok oo, Finally, can you tell us some of the companies you have worked with?

Eradu: We have worked with companies like HP (Ultra Tees), GoldSpeed Freight Agency, GTBank Training School, Oildata Wireline Service Ltd, Kenflomatt Cleaning service,  to mention a few and celebrities like Toni Payne, Reminisce, Soul E, Solem Gzie, Drill, 9ice, Awesome, Jah Bless & Bouqui. We have also designed shirts for several individuals, groups and schools.

Daireenonline: It haf do oga, oya sign out jor.

Eradu: Well a big thanks to momma for her love so far… a big shout out to everyone in Olabisi Onabanjo University that have been part of the movement from the very beginning. I am humbled by the love shown by everyone out there that have bought my shirt and to those who loved my designs and DPs.  God bless you all. Amen

For more details, you can visit


you can also like our fanpage on facebook http://www.facebook.com/eradunltd

Follow us on twitter @eradunltd (official), @erad1805, bbpin: 2718F245

Shop131, Atara Shopping Complex, opposite Mobil Filling Station, Aguda  Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. 08132775955

You can all leave your comment (advice and observations) olaniyidare@eradunltd.com  Thanks

There you have it y’all, it’s a new month and the seventh year of Erad clothing. So if you’re looking for branded casuals, look no further, give him a ring… he awaits your calls, on that note, it’s peace out. Will be back to normal soon, me and muse cooking things… J


16 thoughts on “Unveiling Eradu Clothing at 7

  1. Well,i just thank God for the live of this good friend of mine…i don’t wanna sound too familiar buh i remember when u started this jorney and sometimes i just kept disturbing you while you where working on clothes before we go to sleep those days in oou,when i will hide your materials while playing with you….buh today and this minute i Ǻ♍ very proud ƒ your work and progress,and i pray that God will surely make you BIGGEST!!!ERADU to the top!!!

  2. Nice one bro! Keep doing wat u are good at. We strongly believe in you.

    May God Almighty make EradUnLtd Clothings Bigger an Better..#Amen

  3. Keep up the good work Bro, God will crown Ɣ☺ΰr efforts with great success and “congratulobia” on Ɣ☺ΰr 7th year anniversary. Thumbs up for you. Mr Daireen, I must also commend Ɣ☺ΰr efforts so far for the good job you’ve being doing, bros “tuale for you and I comot cap for you” well done.

  4. Nice creativity of clothing. Just wana drop sumfin,if u can get A̶̲̥̅ brochure put in most of Ūя̲̅ designs for Ūя̲̅ customers sum mite nt A̶̲̥̅√ access to d net often buh can go thru d brochure for their choice…keep clothing peeps wif Ūя̲̅ creativity

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