Conspiracy Theories…

Before you start reading, lemme just sound a caveat here sharpaly. If you don’t much care for nonsensical rants then you may wanna stop reading at this point and just go read another post on my blog. 🙂 Although, since you’re already here, you may wanna see what it’s about, just for the heck of it… Here goes nothing.

Imagine that my name is Daireen Jobs (just imagine and humour me and stop with the yimu already), done? Good. So Daireen Jobs, I just inherited the apple company… what’ll I do with all that money ooo? (Scratching head) Okay, lemme think a little longer and come up with noble ways to spend, because na so so ilefo things dey pop up for my head. Like I go just go buy one national senatorial seat con dey oppress my people… more on that later.

A few days back, I downloaded a song Alakala (Nightmare) done by Kent-Oxygen in yoruba language. As a true Asa fan who loves Beautiful Nubia and Jeremiah Gyang, the song was an instant hit with me. When a friend heard the song his first question was ‘shey na GT da guitarman be dis?’ I shook my head and answered in the negative. Needless to say he also loved the song. So I shared the link of the song. If u didn’t get it earlier, download it here…

That was part 1, then I saw a movie ‘Blood and Oil’ it’s on the Niger-Delta kidnapping and ransom paying racket that made boys in that area extremely rich. I mean, they claimed they were fighting for their people oo, so how come the place is still underdeveloped if truly they are the modern day Robin of Locksley, (Robin Hood)? Truth is like the dude said in the movie, everyone’s trying to survive. So all that scam about communal growth and development… Well, scam.

After seeing the movie I couldn’t help seeing conspiracies everywhere. By the way there’s a very cool movie titled ‘Conspiracy Theory’ if u missed it, download a bootleg, it’s amazing… Ehen, where was I? Oh, so I started seeing conspiracies everywhere. Not my fault though. If you’ve seen all the James Bond movies and are eagerly anticipating the next edition coming out in November. If you’ve read half the books Robert Ludlum wrote before he passed, and are still reading new titles. If you suffer through Tom Clancy’s hi-tech Novels and if you are a John Corey fan from Nelson DeMille’s books. And totally love the MI (Mission Impossible) movies, then I guess you’ll also be in my shoes. The difference though is, it’s happening here, not in some random faraway land/country. It is happening in NIGERIA.

So I began to wonder, if oil bunkering is as lucrative as the man made it to be. Person A gets the oil, goes into partnership with the Russians (faceless people) and together they contact a mafia who takes the oil out of the country to refine and den resell to us. Mind you, the oil was stolen, so this dudes have vessels of free oil and the country’s poorer. What if all we know, or claim to know is a lie. A VERY big one.

What if the Niger-Delta boys are the saints and we all are the sinners? What if Boko Haram really is fighting for the people of the north (I still can’t wrap my head round the fact that they’re fighting for God as they claim, sorry). What if Goodluck Jonathan is actually the best president this country has seen and he is intentional in all his dealings? What if?

The theories actually started small, and as with all bad, things got into disproportionate degrees, I had to simmer and sleep before I could theorize on witches and their activities… The time was 11:59pm friday night, so call me chicken, ko dun mi.

PS: Nietchze said, be careful of the hole you stare into in order not to become the demon therein. (Paraphrased). The mind is a wonderful part of the body, and people tend to become what they think mostly. That stems in part from the input into the mind, store up good stuff and evil and negative thoughts won’t get in easily. REMEMBER THAT

PPS: I listened to D’Banj’s Oyato again this morning and compared it with the MAVIN album and Asiko by Darey and I gotta say, that the only thing he did wrong in the song was get confused midway. Apart from that, it’s another mediocre Naija song that will soon become a hit if he plays his cards right. Think I’m loco? Download again and listen, here’s a link…


One thought on “Conspiracy Theories…

  1. Nice one Daireen. All these theories hmmm as for Boko Haram, they have nothing they say to make me believe they are doing †ђξ right thing. Killing does not justify what they say they believe. Before I continue ranting abeg lemme stop hia. Mr Chiken. LOL

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