Pips, y’all need to read dis. Girls, please don’t hate, he aint that dashing himself… Besides, all na play, so enjoy… =)) =D

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So, riddle me this. Who works harder when they are dead?

Coffin makers. Cos when they die they are buried in their work. 😀 Gerrit? Cos when they die they are bur… Oh, stuff it.

See, the other day I was sitting and thinking (applaud me please, that doesn’t happen very often) I’m one unlucky morfocka when it comes to blind dates. I mean, if I’m gonna hook up with a chick I’ve never seen before, pretty sure she’s gonna be Frankenstein’s niece or some shit. Why do I write myself off so you ask. Come with me while I take you into a journey through my past and weep for (with) me (-̩̩̩⌣́_⌣̀-̩̩̩)

It was my 19th birthday and I’d just been given money for my 3rd Jamb form (Yes. Yes, I know. But, please, that is not why we are here.) And I wanted to feel funky so…

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