I am that woman…
In the morning, dressed elegantly
Made up face, all pressed, perky
Daylight fades
Beauty remains
Night falls
Intact my facade

A smile for all
Grievances against none
Or so it seems
My boudoir I gallantly step in
Elegance and beauty, I carefully seep in
I am that woman
That carefully falls apart
In the privacy of her flat
Like clock work, non-stop…

I am that woman
Who knows what love is
Who yearns for love
Who trades her heart, soul and all
I am that woman
Whose love has always been unrequited

I am that woman
Who has found solace
In the arms of the one that belong to another
Shamelessly waiting
Pitifully panting
On the side
Love in trickles
Taking whatever is given

I am that woman
Who shamelessly shouts
“Power to the woman”
Inwardly berating herself
Wounded animal

I am that woman who knows what love is
And yet settles to be treated
Relegated to the shadows
I am that woman
Who has become
The outsider

I am that woman
Beautiful, lovely, yet ugly
Hates the world for all of its irony
Hates herself more, for being a tool
The tool that entertains
That nurtures the sick and the sane,
In me their succour lies

I am truly that woman
Multiple roles in 1
And Yes!!!!! Wife…

I am that woman
If I let my dress fall in the public
For one crazy unbelievable instant
The world will see my scars
The world will see the hate I have for everyone
The hate for my life
The hate for ‘the one’ I come home to
The hate for the kids I bore him
The hate for man, I shamelessly moan, as he pounds

Tonight I am that woman
Who will cry no more
Who will not withstand the fist and blows
Who will not care that my offspring would suffer
I am that woman
Who thinks
Slitting her wrist
Is the best thing
She ever endured…

-Omosunmibola Ogunmefun

PS: if you have cool articles and writs, contact me, let’s do a feature piece for yer! πŸ˜‰


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