Seun Odukoya

She ignores the guy calling her in the street;
Maybe if she’d asnwered it would have gone something like this;
‘Excuse me please can I talk with you miss?
I got you in my sights and no; I won’t miss,’
She would have walked with him ‘cos she would be feeling the gist,
He would have held her hand and guided her feet
Would have stood with her in low places; beside her in high,
And helped her see her way through the mist,

But because of past drama her heart was thick;
The truth sometimes has it hard penetrating the deep,
So because of that; the look she gave him was brief,
And because of that look he would not persist
Just went about his business but his heart was stiff
Another girl wished she could help him relax a bit;
But his head was bent low so he…

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