Blissfully carefree
Happily stupid
The world in my palms

Silently passing
My existence oblivious
Our world’s collided
Time froze eternally

A smile
A wink
A merry moment
And my stupidity deserted me
I matured

Quietly creeping,
Steadily stepping
My heart thawing
Defences crushed-in

Piece by piece
Stack after stack
Mountains as valleys
I’m humbled

My heart she danced on
My love she spurned
My best plans rejected
She shows the errors of my ways

Broken I sit
Dejected I wonder
How it went south – this love
How I pulled the short straw
How my heart beats to no end
Still, I cannot correct this
For pine, my heart longs
Her smile my eyes yearn
Destroyed, she mercifully didn’t
Yet in spasms I cry and hope, for,
I’m shattered!

PS: guys do cry too y’all. You just won’t see a tear in our eyes :d but we do cry. Watch closely, you’ll feel our despair, hear our cry and see our hurt. Guys too do cry. I promise you.


10 thoughts on “Shattered!

  1. U sure say una dey cry ! Eya my swit bro writes well can som1 tell me aderinsola is inlove oga ooo I can’t bliv I jes read dat U ,cry! I still dey laugh ooo buh rily I dey feel 4 u ooo pele

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