A Good Way To go…

Life flashes; it is the final reel you see
Love dances; moments in life recurring
Breath flickers; desperate to go on
Hope…; oh well, this is the end innit?

Snapshots; a frozen, unique frame in time
Smiles; the times when exultant you exuded
Success; the goal, the reason for the push
Sadness; it catches up with even the fastest runner

Man’s days be few
Labour his theme be
For to write his name in the sand he must strive
And to fulfil a purpose high, he must attain
Hustle, that be his watchword…
So when the time comes
And the lights flickers
If he lucky is to know,
Passionate displays and pleas not a few
Upon deities true and imagined he’ll call
Till realization that the one staring with a smile is open
An embrace eternal he must be locked
Life flashes in that instant
Love dances its swansong beautifully
Hope prances away into the horizon
And the countdown thus begins…
3: surrender the end is near
2: open your hands in welcome embrace
1: cross over and be one with him…
And then… PEACE.

PS: dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the ill-fated plane crash on sunday June 3rd! I can’t begin to imagine how despairing their final seconds would be. Closest I can claim is ‘TITANIC’ watching as Jack Dawson sunk away from Rose. I pray their families, friends and loved ones and ultimately Nigeria can move forward from this, and that we actually do get it right…


7 thoughts on “A Good Way To go…

  1. Wow! A subtle reminder of the inevitable end. May the souls of the departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Bam piece mister.

  2. One thing that comes in mind after reading this is Life is Short and unpredictable.. Nice one dude. A sad piece..

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