I was rudely awoken by Gbolahan at 4.30am the following day. ‘Dude, wake up, we need to go fetch water to bathe’ he announced. Still groggy and tired from the previous day’s activities, I got up reluctantly. Steadied myself against the bunk and rubbed my eyes. I suddenly didn’t like the idea of waking early. All the boys in my room were awake and about… I was last to rise.

We went downstairs to fetch water after discovering we couldn’t get water on our floor which was the third floor by the way. I made one very small mistake then, I thought I was in my house at OOU and didn’t bother wearing clothes… so with my boxers, I went all the way down. It was dark anyways and nobody would notice me I had reasoned. Nobody did, initially. Until the paramilitary boys started blowing their whistles demanding we report at the parade ground for the morning’s drill.

I went back upstairs to get clothes, drop my water and go for parade, but met the door to our room locked by overzealous roommates. Gbolahan suggested we keep our water in the opposite room and without being punished, I went to the parade in my boxer shorts looking for my roommates so as to collect the key and get into the room. I could not find anyone, and after about twenty minutes and cold descending on me, I went back up determined to break the lock.

I did, eventually. Got dressed and went back down. Everyone around bullied me for my indiscretion, but I’d learnt an invaluable lesson on camp. Never leave your room without your clothes on. Went back down and had a long windy lecture. We were all tired by the time the address was over. We also got taught the NYSC anthem. I didn’t learn needless to say, was busy making a nuisance of myself to everyone around me.

We eventually dispersed, there was rice for breakfast and afterwards, registration continued. I finally got my kit around noon, but like all the others, there was a lot of things wrong with the kits. I had to trade other Corps members and the game of Monopoly recurred in my head.

After the collection of kits, all boys didn’t have much to do by way of activities. We kept pretending like we hadn’t collected the Khakhis in order to shirk parade. Instead we went touring, scoping out all the shapes and sizes, exploring the crests and troughs of the opposite sex. Most of the girls who had looked drab the previous day, suddenly turned hawt! The camp was on fire and we were ready adventurers…


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