Death as a phenomenon isn’t final; It is not the end. Though loved ones may cease to exist, and friends may go far far away. Still life does not end, the dream continues to live… remember the french saying when you’re feeling blue… ‘c’est la vie’ (it is fated…)

I lost my phone on the 12th april 2012 whilst in a bus going home after work that day. Earlier I’d written an exam and passed so needless to say, I was somewhat ecstatic and euphoric… I entered the bus and sat majestically, not a worry in the whole damn world. My phone slid out of my pocket and the first person to notice pretended as though he was in a rush to also get into the bus. Needless to say, I noticed my phone was gone several minutes after he had made away with the phone. Of course by then, it was too late and I’d become… well bb-less.

So for the first time in weeks, I couldn’t tweet or blog in traffic, could not annoy friends on bbm as I sat down quietly in the bus, somewhat subdued. I’d just lost my very best friend and lover. Before the girls start stoning, and the bus peg me as loco, my phone was to a large extent my main comms medium. It did practically what I asked and though at the time, I was already hating on blackberry, it stayed loyal to me, barring network providers issues of course… :d

So I sat still in the bus, wondering how the phone had been stolen, berating myself for been too careless and ultimately cursing the dude who was the proximate reason for the blues… It was indeed a sad time for me and for the next few days, I had withdrawal issues, though I did not admit it to anyone. I just told friends my phone was gone and though given to much speech, I couldn’t really articulate how I’d lost my prized asset (literally).

I continued thinking, asking myself how I’d gone wrong and all. All the classic symptoms of a jilted lover that I never really had when Tosin dumped my arse, or as Florence walked away before her. I have never really missed or cried over a girl, but when the phone went, I’m sure my eyes misted and I had all sorts of unexplainable feelings… I was heartbroken, AGAIN.

Like a good marriage that ended abruptly, I wanted some sort of closure, I kept reliving memories of how the phone had been a really cool companion. It actually came and took the place of my PSP and I didn’t really look back at the game… Now the phone had been stolen and I stood naked, wondering, when I would be getting a new one.

A couple of days later whilst talking with friends, I was told I could get another phone soon at a really cheap rate. It was good news and I started planning and saving for that phone. Though I don’t yet own that new phone physically, I disconnected from my old one and finally smiled again… sincerely.

Somehow, in all that drama I realized, that my symptoms were classic for any bereaved person. The pain of separation the bitterness of abandonment. The blame and the annoyance and the inexplicable feelings rolled into one. I realized then that no matter what, people have the capacity to walk away. To move on; to live again and fulfill a seemingly crushed dream. I concluded then, death is not final, separation is not the end. You may and will go through things (granted), but your life would be richer for that experience.

Remember, take it one day a time. Focus on living, breathe. Life goes on and it is your duty to live. Fulfill your dreams, you owe it to yourself and humanity. Smile, even that phase too will pass, and you’ll smile as you remember, wondering why you were so distraught at first. C’est la vie (such is life) it is your duty to live after every separation, for it just taught you an invaluable lesson.

Finally I’ll leave you with this phrase (corny though it may be, it is very apt now): what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. LIVE


2 thoughts on “Separation

  1. Bros, u don’t speak of these toys like human…… Haba! Still yet, ur pins have been felt, I relate real good…… We must thank God for all we have and those we’re yet to ve

    • I agree with you explicitly. Just shared how I felt after my phone got lost na. Don’t think I’ve even blogged since then until this post… All is well sha

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