I hate love stories… REALLY?

Recently started downloading and seeing Hindi movies again… please don’t stop reading or consider me a gay yet abeg (I have some really weird friends y’all). Having seen classics like Kuch kuch hota hai, kal ho na ho, dilwale dunia le jayenge, hum tum, and a host of others, seeing another Hindi love story wasn’t gon’ affect me as deeply as Veer-Zaara and kal ho na ho did I thought. I was way wrong! Like they say in Hindi ‘gana hoga hai’? “u sang yet” I was feeling the blues as I saw this movie. Rather old, I can’t call a movie released in 2010 new, but it had a definite panache I couldn’t shake

True to form and as real love stories go… the girl fell in love, declares her vulnerability but the fool of a guy lets her go then realizes there’s no one to laugh at his cynicism and suddenly starts missing the babe… na there the ghenghen (Naija movie theme) start… I dey come…

Okay, basic principle, get a basket-case of a girl (hopelessly mushy) and a die hard dude (cynical Casanova) get them to spend time together, the girl hating his hide the boy unable to stand her primness. Gradually something gives, as Celine sang “tale as old as time” suddenly they become inseparable; budding girlfriends (sorry yaar, that’s the terminology) and they begin sharing secrets that should remain secret. Light has been set to the fuse inadvertently…

As this story went, there was everything a real dude would do in it. Annoy the girl so bad she’s searching for guns… having seen several movies in the last one week, this one I’ll be keeping for its refreshing feel. The costume was just right, the shirts… crazy (Erad, you need to see the movie oo, you’ll be inspired) and I loved the fact that the boy’s mother scolded him and got him to get off his ass. That was a real coup.

In all, I hate luv storys as a movie may be another typical love story, the producers may tag it a saga, epic or whatever fanciful name they desire, still it doesn’t diminish the fact that somewhere, right now now in the world, someone is becoming a believer and experiencing love… others may though be suffering the opposite…


Yes the movie tried and all, but what would the post be if I don’t add my own little philosophy. Simply stated, never let a girl ghost your heart… she’ll score a wonderful goal like Ramirez did against Barcelona and break your heart, leaving you susceptible to a F. Torres goal at the death… if you follow football, you’ll catch my drift. Anyways, the worst line a guy can tell a lady is ‘I just want you to be happy anywhere you are in the world’. Na lie! not one dude means that crap. What we mean is ‘babe you gotta wake up and realize I’m suffering here, stay with me’. Just like when a girl sends a girl all sorts of mixed messages. Then again, what do I know of love?


As the saying goes ‘why do fools fall in love?’ I’ve contemplated it to no end, truth is… only fools fall in love. Whether you agree or not is entirely up to you. Me, I’ve determined to fall on my own terms, Cupid aint gon’ be shooting this dude down no matter what. Still you never know, I just may be the biggest fool waiting in the wings to leap, hoping to fly… We’ll see…

NB: Shout out to all Barcelona fans, I predicted a draw at the Camp Nou and though the referee gave the home team undue advantage by sending off Terry, still the away team managed to score 2 goals… Ramires’ been a real stunner… Now waiting for Real Madrid to qualify and then beat Chelsea again in the final :d

cheers everyone…


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