Walk… life keeps moving

Breathe… it is the key to your existence

Live… life holds untold promises

Die… it is the hallmark of life

Run… this pace is frenetic

Swim… the waters calleth thee

Still… pause; momentarily observe

Fall… it heralds the advent of new lessons

Fly… the greatest feeling released terrestrial

Cruise… be unstoppable by the elements

Freeze… snapshots, highlights, moments in time

Crumble… even the strong have enduring weaknesses

On this perch I stand

L-one-ly and one

Watching as time fleets, observing the seasons go…

An uncommon conclusion I divine thus

Death is not absolute…

It is the end of life as we know it…

…the beginning of a new unknown

So in all thy doings, this understand

Dying daily makes you alive

For tis in the realm of the unseen you’d dwell

Few there be, that walk these paths

Few there be, that the world has sung

Few there be, that dared to DIE

That the multitude, the people might life enjoy…

NB: don’t think of death literally oo. And since I don’t have a death-wish myself, it means I’m referring to severance of relationships… of habits… of ties… Now please reread. Sure you’ll understand me better. If you do not, do share your views.


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