I be wolverine

‘Cause for none I’ll tears shed

My heart shut against the populace

Or so it was my story went.


I am unfeeling

Yet sadness be my forte

As gloom and sorrow filled the street

Watching men, green clad, break hearts

And lives turned south

A tear escaped


It flashes the kids that would hungry go

Of hubbies that would doubtless, war

Of dreams… dear dreams shattered again

‘twas a golden tear that did escape


Helpless I stood and watched the unfolding

As wares and lives were withholding

As tears and dirge be the music erupting

Yet helpless in the midst I stand observing

As rage and anger grows wanton

My mind was tasked to do something

A calling I see, a purpose sublime

I MUST make the world a MUCH better  place than I met it

I MUST touch lives and bring smiles and warmth to people


2 thoughts on “Touch

    • Police were harassing some sad sods at marina na! and i felt totally helpless watching the blatant disregard of human lives and rights. that’s wie it stemmed from. Thanks for stopping by…

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