I Am Terror

In loneliness scheming

This grandiose dreaming

Twixt the world and I seeming

A war unending brewing

The arms I’d forsaken appealing

For you alone seeing

Starry-eyed I’ll go down fighting

For no harm must come nigh thee

Pretty lady to the I call

Make me Osama, I’ll blow your twin-towers

Hasib,your tunnel I’ll blast

Bush, your gulf wars I’ll charge

Till like Obama we victorious emerge…

Jekyl and Hide me, my soft parts you’ll feel

Like Wolverine I’ll make your head reel

Superme(an) I’ll make your dreams real

For tis in the skies I’ll make you chill

The world would fear me

A terror they’d label see

But thee would be bonds-free

For tis you be my nature’s sea

To them, I am the terror

To you, a lover lorn you’ll hold…


5 thoughts on “I Am Terror

  1. It is actually “hehehe” because of the words you used and most importantly awesome ! ‘Cause it expresses your love man ! πŸ˜€ I love the way you have used the words ! πŸ˜€ And… I guess its for your “muse” ? Of course ! πŸ˜€

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