Elegy Of The Dead

The beats hit stronger
The drums sound louder
And the dancers yield and sway harder
With reckless abandon as the music plays higher
Still unmoved I am
Though considered the best of the lot
I refused to…, dance!

The boy unannounced crashes the party
He begins to dance as soon as he hears the drums
The lady too follows suit
Gyrating and sweating as her body wiggles
I shake my head pitiful; they do not know, I muse
For this music they must shut out
And to the beats they must not move
But they did…, dance!

Soon emptiness becomes my companion
Loneliness my confidante
And the tears – stymied – drops!
For family, friends and loved ones I’ve lost
To the vicissitudes and cruelty that’s life!
Still it must go on…, the dance!

And although I refuse continually to dance
The jockey mixing tapes will find mine
Sooner or later… I pray it’s later, waaay later (lol)
I have come to understand
That no matter how long
Or how obstinately we refuse
We will one day be swayed by the music
And dance to the rhythm that ends life
For it must go on, this dance!

So vicious as the cycle may seem
We must learn to flow with it
And bide our time as we patiently wait our turn
To take centre-stage in the elegy of the dead
And as life ends and vaporizes…, dance!

To all the fallen that we know all the unsung heroes that never were and all those who blitzed the earth. Hope this is a good enough ode.


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