I woke up late this morning. The time was already 7:30am when I opened my eyes to welcome the day. Somehow, I think I might have woken up later, had the morning rays not radiated on my face. I roused slowly, stretched and yawned lazily then started thinking of what to do today.

Of course, it’s my CDS day, so lazily, I set about my domestic duties. That entails: laundry, house-keeping and toilet things(don’t ask me). Got all those done in record time and was about going to bathe when my phone rang. It was Sylvie, my Corps Editor and she needed a favour. Seeing as she had determined to punk CDS, I agreed to help and she sent me an e-mail.

Whilst washing, I’d asked my landlady’s granddaughter when last we had light in the street. She said it was the previous day, but I hadn’t been lucky enough to use NEPA/PHCN light since Monday and it’s Friday today. She then continued, ‘NEPA people came and disconnected the light yesterday…’ I didn’t allow her finish as I went to my meter.

True to form, NEPA pips had left a reconnection bill form for me, I was seething. The damn company sells me darkness and fleeces me monthly, now, it’s officials wanted to take me for a ride. I was murderous. My phone rang again then…

It was my sister and she wanted her keys. Told her to show. When she arrived, we talked about Don Jazzy and D’banj’s break-up as I imagine loads of people are doing already in their homes. I told her my take on the issue, it’s none of my business, they’re both big boys and she shared her native wisdom.

Then she told me our mutual friend Seun Omojola had started singing and is using the stage name Vilara. Her song ‘mo fe ba e lo’ isn’t so bad, at least I could sensibly say dis is what it’s about… Also, she had a cool producer and so the tune is really… Well give it a listen here and share your thoughts, she’s a friend…

Where was I in the rant before I turned publicist sef? Yes, I was hating on NEPA (please don’t correct me that they’re now PHCN, that branding killed them). I got dressed in my NYSC apparel, just the khaki trousers and a white top. And set for their office. I knew they would ask me for payments, so I went prepared with all of my weekend allowance! 😥

At the NEPA office, I complained to the Marketing Manager who summoned my area’s marketer. They discovered it was their service failure that culminated in my not getting a bill this month. That said, we went to the customer service office and lo and behold, NEPA did me in for darkness again! O_O

I formed big boy, pay the entire due, whilst groaning internally. The marketer wanted to suggest that I pay a reconnection fee to which I bared my fangs, he sobered and called someone to reconnect me for free *whew* the time was then past ten a.m., I was already late for CDS and I still had a mail to print. *na wah oo*

On my way to the internet cafe to go print, I remember that my CDS card wasn’t in my bag. Since I was still in the area, I went back home and got that. Printed the mail at the cafe and set out for Iyana Ipaja. The time was close to eleven a.m. and I was still at surulere!

Finally got to the orientation camp at noon and because I was wearing slippers, sojo bounced me at the gate, demanding dat I wear the normal whites or boots. I did and entered the camp. I saw my CDS members and they started harrassing yours truly for coming late. I told then the adventures of Derin and they became sympathetic immediately.

We got to meet with our new inductees, sharing anecdotes and experiences. We were properly introduced and we got at least five new members… more will follow. My blackberry battery actually died at this point, ’cause I was writing on my blackberry app that’s now like my wordpad.

Left NYSC camp an hour later having charged my phone’s battery. Met Deola at Iyana Ipaja on my way home and the hug was glorious! Guess it’s remaining Solape now ;). It was indeed a crazy day, and sanity returned as I got farther from the orientation camp and NYSC…


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