Together… Always

Unsure I stand
Confused I am
As continuous I look
Yet divination fails me
I need a muse
One who’ll with me stay
Through eternity we’ll be pieced together storm through life
A friend when all else deserts
A brother when none will answer
A lover to complete me.

I shudder as alone I stand
Unseen, unloved, despised
Though, in my thoughts only, this be real,
Still, I scarcely can divorce this feel
Wary for it shows no one cares
When really his love for me sears
Growing fiery with each passing day
And though I do not his voice hear,
Tis cause he knows I’ve grown
And his absence I can handle
Thus saddled I am, respite seems to have fled
Again, alone I stand

Realization dawns
You’re there always
In every breathe, you heave;
In every smile, you’re mirrored;
Tis your laughter that fill my soul
My heart leaps at the music of your voice
Finally I do get it
Though away you may seem
Tis only in my mind true
You are with me always
And if I trust in you
Then the voice low, would boom loud
And I indeed would make you proud
Cause you have made me sound
That I may spread your love round…


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