Alone I stand
In the midst of a multitude, I’m unfound
A shadow lurking amongst the many
Hoping to be seen, embraced, loved
Yet alone I stand…
In the midst of men

I search, hoping for respite
One at least that may find me
Embrace me and love unconditionally
Still no one fits the bill
I’m stranded and alone, a shadow in the midst of men

In sadness I cried
Desperate I called
Still no one answered, lonely and cold I was
Then he found me
A lover so old I hissed and ignored
He calmly smiles and opens his hands
An embrace, he invites

Sourly I walk to him
Timid I embraced him
Surprised his love warms me
His untold promise unravels and overpowers me
Finally obvious it is,
He found me when I was lost
Embraced me when no one else would
Shone his light on me, and removed my paleness
He loved me first and allowed me go
For tis his love my life reflects
And he my life is when life is done


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