Let There Be…

These three words have always had a fascinating ring to them for me. As a Christian, I must have heard and read these words tens of thousands of times. Yet they do not diminish in quality every time they’re spoken, or I read/see them. I’ve always wondered why…

Too many versions of the Bible have been published, more, still in the works as theologians and preachers look to make the WORD simpler and much more understandable to anyone who will dare pick up The Book and read.

Between NEPA being the agent of darkness that they are and Biola’s blog that boldly declares… ‘let there be light – greatest pun of all times’ I found I was ‘stirred’ to do a piece on this topic.

See, when God created the world in the book of Genesis, all HE had to say was ‘let there be…’ And whatever HE called came into existence no questions asked, no explanation needed. HIS words are that powerful and much more… No wonder apostle Paul declares that HE is the one who calleth those things which be not as though they were (Rom 4:17) and as is seen at creation, there was no apology as he called material things out of the unseen (Rom 1:20)

Jesus, when he walked the earth addressed situations and things. He was endowed with the power of the almighty and he spoke only and situations changed. Rebuking the winds and speaking to the sea. Cursing the fig tree and countless healing he did perform. Jesus didn’t waste words and as such, he can be rightly called the son of God.

Today, however, as sons of God, the Christian seems to be the most talkative being. Saying many things, but getting little. Calling the invisible, only to have the visible react in such a way that if he doesn’t rethink and rescind his words… Today, it seems like the power to call into existence has been diluted completely and is been continually diluted…

So when a Christian speaks, the elements ask, like they did the sons of Sceva ‘who art thou’. Because make no mistake about it, after Jesus, men have been given the power to speak and call those things that be not, into being! We just seem to not know our place and authority. (Rom 8:19, Luke 10:19)

Today, make a decision to get your groove back on, no matter what. Draw close to God and SPEAK in HIS authority. He already has bestowed the power on you. So don’t be afraid, say it with me… ‘Let there be…’ Call that which you desire into being, and have your joy full… (John 16:24)


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