Orientation Camp… Another Homecoming…

It’s no secret that I do not like my LGA much, matter of fact, anytime I have to pay above a hundred Naira to get to CDS, I tend to groan. My normal CDS’ at the NYSC secretariat and I live really close to it. So sometimes, when I’m feeling too fat… I take the exercise.

Today however, I’m neither angry nor calm; sad nor happy. The reason for my pococurante? I do not even know (and do check your dictionary for the meaning of the word :d). All I can say is I’m terribly ambivalent about this journey. Maybe because I think I do not know anyone in the camp, or maybe because I’m just tired of the stereotype youth corper… at any rate, I left home rather late and will undoubtedly incur Mrs Madaki’s wrath. Except she fails to show and it’s the Corps Editor that’ll be in charge. Then, freestyling would continue.

The journey wasn’t too spectacular, traffic was considerably light at the time I embarked on my journey. The incident which I’ll overlook most days is the issue of bad roads. Really, there’ll be fewer gridlocks if the roads are well maintained and kept in optimal condition. That said, lemme stop, before I get labelled social crusader. Afterall, I am still an omo-ijoba.

By the way, if anyone has Banky W’s ears, please tell him I’ll take 2% of total monies accruing from his products endorsement. First twas Samsung, now it’s Coke. He’s the in-form musician and like they say… may hin sanwo! :d

Away from digression and back to the subject at hand, I arrived safely at the orientation camp in record time and as usual with camp runs… We just chilled and chilled and chilled… Mrs Madaki was nowhere to be seen…

Event on camp, collection of bicycle allowance. The camp was scanty as NYSC did itself a huge service and posted fewer Corps members to Lagos camp.

In the end this home-coming was rather flawed on lots of levels. Boring camp, no friendly face in the lot of the new otondos and Mrs Madaki had us guessing and walking around camp like lost souls… 😦

She finally showed, signed our CDS cards and almost compelled us to show up on camp everyday, starting monday. I rejected and so did the others. Auditions for new CDS members will have to be organized and conducted by the coordinator noni, her shildren yaf revolution. (Free the ibon)

As I left the orientation camp I couldn’t help wondering, what would have happened noni? Not having Jayj to harass, or a Tope to hang with. Deji, Lemmy, Gbolahan and Ope to roll and brainstorm together… Nain! I loved my camp the way it was, maddening noise, overcrowded rooms and a weather that was always feminine you couldn’t tell what it’ll do…


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