This Morning, I’m doing something different. was going through my documents yesterday and saw some amazing writes from friends that I had saved from facebook. I realize that I haven’t really gotten their consent to this, but over the next few days, amma be publishing their works and crediting them. Hopefully, they won’t mind. That said, here’s the very first in the series…

Like a full Nokia battery brought to the basketball playground, I was charged to court

Found guilty of committing a particular crime for five years; until the day I was caught

But this crime I didn’t know; not from any angle though it was measured in degree

According to the judge “obtaining a first degree is a punishable offence under the NYSC decree

I wasn’t signed to Akon’s record label but I was convicted

The court room was like Big Brother house, immediately I was evicted

A prison van picked me up, next place was my cell room

Death was around my nose, it wasn’t hard to smell doom

I saw fellow inmates already dressed in their uniforms

Looking like Brother Hood Of The Cross And Star members in a different form

White T-shirts,white shorts,white chucks

White bras,white pants,white singlets,green-and-white socks

The way the colour display stains would make you think wearing white sucks

But wearing white rocks,compared to running every ‘black morning’ like white flocks

Waking-up by 4:30 am is wrong cos 4 O’clock is the right clock

You could be a little fly but not expected above the law

Unless you would prefer a few frog-jumps above the floor

Told, if you disobey any rule, you’ll be decamped from the camp

Before you see the light at the end of the tunnel, endurance is your lamp

So we matched no matter the weather, whether dry or damp

Brainwashed to be para-military officers by the military officers, they planted us into platoons

While they sat back, relaxed and watched us like cartoons

21 days were like 21 years

I thought of 21 ways to break-out like a pandemic but I had 21 fears

I couldn’t act my movie like Michael Scoffield

The only role I could play was to parade in the football field

Or have a regimented HARPy time at the super Mami market

I had no friends like Benson & Hedges; no cigarette packet

Seldom times in my pocket was their green-and-white meal ticket

Earlier thought if I never ticked it, I might be baton-ed like a ball of cricket

Undone beans, water-logged soup, saltless rice

I had bought no item like ‘Malnutrition’, for it I didn’t pay the price

The large number of inmates competing for food-collection will make you think the first will win a prize

The camouflage men were our shepherds,we were their sheep

More like camels when we trekked that road inaccessible to even jeeps

But at least we had a clue of our release day

When we’ll walk out of the ‘work-out’ with no increased pay

Like I was dreaming, I woke-up one morning and was asked to leave

I had completed my jail term was almost impossible for me to believe

Posted by Timieri IllBlingz Ellington on Friday, September 10, 2010 at 4:27pm on facebook


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