The Allure of NYSC

It is that time again, the first this year; when people are uprooted from their comfort zones and sent into seeming unfriendly zones in the guise of federal integration and ethnic/traditional tolerance.

Yesterday, as I thought a little on it and determined that people were already travelling. Lagosians going to places like Jigawa or Kebbi need that head-start, likewise other people who are faced with upwards of 16-hour journeys. The transporters at Jibowu and Yaba area had a field day, cross country buses were filled in no time at all and the Okrika market had an economy boost as prospective Corps Members (Corpers) patronized them for all the obvious reasons. If you don’t know, ask a Corper. 😐

So what really is the allure of NYSC? Why can a programme that yours truly has gotten jaded with, have any aesthetic or positive qualities. Well, I thought of it long and hard and came up with these, enjoy…

The programme affords Nigerians and Africans raised here the opportunity to explore the country. Seeing new landscapes and meeting new people. Exploring the back waters and basically touring the Nation. So if you got a long distance posting, be happy. The Federal Government just gave you an excuse to go on that road trip you have been putting off for years… :d

Those Corpers (passed out and still in service) who flew to their state of posting, may I assert that you may have robbed yourself of the raw beauty and captivating landscapes that surround the roads you would have travelled, thus missing out on an essential part of the service year. Some trips take up to 24hours and the sights you would behold, well… However, yours truly has rather small buttocks and in an attempt to not flatten an already flat backside, I would have flown. If you can’t decode the paradox therein, maybe you should go back for GNS 101&102 classes.

On getting to the orientation camp, be ready for a massive brainwashing. Irrespective of where you studied the NYSC staff have been well trained to and will get under your skin. their first subliminal attack is the cramping of people like sardines into rooms as they say they’re integrating us. That move will get to most, especially the buti types. They’d hate the camp from the get go, all that would remain would be the picking apart.

Those who are really rugged, like my humble self, will have get customized treatment. The training and lecture times will undoubtedly make you wonder in anger what the essence of those said forums are, and how they may really impact on your live. Except you got Lagos and JASA got you a prometric based program.

Idleness and disorientation will become your close pals and Corps members will have no doubt but to relate. So if you went to school and couldn’t really successfully toast a geh, don’t fret; NYSC camp assures you of at least one success story. If you can’t break that duck, then see me immediately after camp! Your case needs a special kinda adura and I know some pastors as well as baba sikira… :d (na lie oo!)

After camping for 21days, once freed, you would appreciate the freedom that you have always taken for granted and if you missed out on getting drilled by sojo boys, happy art thou indeed!

Wetin remain again… *scratching head seriously* wohs, I can’t remember again, counting down to my own freedom you see. But as the Godfather here, gotta do this and welcome my aburos to the scheme (even if you’re Methuselah himself)… Now Your Success Continues… Enjoy!

PS: I need to meet pips posted to Lag camp oo, you know any, gimme a shoutout! Thainx


21 thoughts on “The Allure of NYSC

  1. Lolll you really gat me cracking up here. Very straight to the point as I dint really enjoy camp also. Mehn the stress wasn’t worth it, I was hanging by a thread till it was over. But for the really FAT people trust me you would loose weight As Soon AS you enter the CAMP GATE (even though I aint fat I lost any excess flesh I had) lol but I enjoyed performing Lookery that was the fun part. I’m sure Daireen you are one of those who participated in Jankara Marketing. Hmm jist us as the last person said on your late night trips in camp. #waiting patiently#

    • =)) lwkmd! As regards those moves, plan to do a 21-day expose in my final days as a Corper, so chillz, wa ri ran wo. Dat said, na afternoon runs oo, we nor geti money 4 bia!

  2. waiting 4d nu otondos. Lyk u say, its a 9ice scheme bt hw gud n 9ice is dis scheme wen dia is no industries 2accomodate d kopas. Nva dless, d scheme can b more beautiful n interesting if runsing is nt involve n kopas take pain 2serve dia fada land n impact positively n shud b postd 2dia areas of specialisatn 4dia xperience 2b useful

  3. Dunno what the heck you talmabout… I just wanna get the hell outta here. The remaining three months feel like a sentence. I need Gidi back in my arms, I need her *screaming* I NEED HEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!! 😥

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