Random Rants

This is an idiotic post, so if you do not have a humor, please, stop right here. I won’t be held liable for whatever you feel after reading this. But it just might may your day, who knows… So here goes nonsense…

Biola’s last couple of posts got to me, first ‘swing with me’ cranked me up but made me think, na so me sef be oo! I crazy small sha. Then he posted that utterly sacrilegeous one, ‘reverie of mine’ and after laughing so hard and yabbing the heck outta his head, I’m following suit in his trail. He is after all, a big bawse to me. :d

This topic and rant will always be a hit with me any day. I mean, all I got for the opposite sex is love, pure and simple. If you’re in doubt, pass me your love oo.
The opposite sex can’t be any more complex, even Einstein would fail miserably if he tried to divine a formula to deal with them. What worked yesterday would hopelessly fail today and it’ll shock you that it’s still the same girl oo.
They always say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I’ve always argued with my friends that if 60% of us agree that a geh’s fine, then she is… maybe. I recently found out that what that means is that 60% of us would like to set p with the geh! 😐
So I have to wonder what gehs think when they really compliment me, I mean: ugly gehs think I’m ugly *rme* (I know better), okay gehs think I’m just there, not too remarkable to lose sleep over. It is the fine gehs that are a problem, always shrieking and moaning at the sight of yours truly that makes me go, yeah, right, get a room babe and call my number :d. I’m generous like that, always heping the less priviledged x_x

Lately, laziness iyaf wear better suit for me con deck me up wella. By that, I mean I’m well suited to lounging and playing, not to be bothered with the hassles in the work place. Which germinated the thought, can’t I get paid for doing absolutely nothing ni?
I’d get all the cute gehs and set all the Ps that I wanna on other peoples sweat. I’ll live in a fortified house a la Aso Rock and be surrounded sentries and security that would make Obama green with envy. But just in case you’re wondering, I’ll pass on the leadership of Naija, I can’t have 140million people cussing me daily. 😐
As I was saying, I get paid for nothing, laze all day and party all night! See the world and learn new languages and traditions as I meet people from all walks of life…
*My bus jolts and I hit my leg against the iron that supports the front seat. Thousands or is it millions of signals sent to my brain and it was all that I could do to suppress a loud yelp. This brings me to the next item…*

As a top importing country in the world, this has been a recurring thought with me. Why don’t our leader just go into countries like Ghana that have good roads and import their roads into the country, giving Lagos a lion’s share of the roads imported. Afterall, we import ordinary groundnut from them as peanut butter.
Whilst we are still on the importation of roads, let’s also import good lands and better structures from developed countries. That way, Nigerians won’t have to waste good money on travelling out of the country, we’ll stay put and generated tourism revenue. :d see, I aint so dumb B-)

Wetin again… Chei, this driver dey drive nonsense sha! He thinks he’s James Bond with this his jalopy bus. Abeg may I focus on the road carry my spirit follow am drive before the man go turn pesin to bad statistic for this Lagos road. Anyways, we have reach ‘lere, and pips don begin ping, so sayonara dudes, gon’ be anoda day!

Before I forget, welcome to the month of March, it’ll be the month where dreams materialize and desires are met. (Y)


5 thoughts on “Random Rants

  1. Partying all night,seeing d world nd learning new languages nd traditions ain’t nothing. No one gets paid for nothing. Nothing is lounging on ur bed all day nd nite

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