In the good book it reads “A merry heart doeth good like medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones…” today, we’ll be discussing on mirth, wit, humour, jokes, laughter or whatever name you would prefer…

I’m preaching a weird kinda message today. It’s all about laughing in the workplace, joking and finding time to blow off steam on the job. In my short career as an employed staff, I’ve seen people too serious than Ope Osho, I’m sure they prolly didn’t make first class in school; so why all the seriousness?

As a GTB Vacation Staff, I was blessed with bosses who were regular comedians: from Otunba who always claims ‘mo l’ogun gan oo’ (I have potent jazz medicine) and when asked for the jazz, he gamely produces paracetamol and other pharmaceutical drugs wearing a straight face and daring us to challenge his assertion. Needless to say, the laughs in the unit was always uproarious.

There’s also mr Demola, the Unit Head’s Assistant/Backup who when tired from working so hard rouses from his seat, mostly barefooted, walks to the center of the office and starts his stand up comic routine. Basketmouth, I go dye, Seyi Law and all the stand up comics would be green if they saw him perform, he knew his crowd and performed accordingly. Even ABG staff, our neighbours always showed up for our events :d

Those days were fun and in the maddening pressure and workload that the bank thrusts open its staff due to the cutthroat demands of retail banking and all, having those clowns O_O (meant guys) in authority and other colleagues who had enough sense of humor to see the lighter side of things in the workplace. It helped a lot and friendship (lasting) was fostered in those moments.

That contract ended, NYSC happened and I switched work role from Customer Service to IT support personnel, still I’m in the business of serving people. Lucky for me, I’m serving in a place where my boss is a world class comedian.

In a unit where everyone is mostly serious, Mr Adenekan as our clown (sorry boss) isn’t so bad. In moments of genius, he holds the entire unit spellbound for long spells of laughter, picking on any and every member of staff he feels like, when I’m at the receiving end, yours truly locks up and maintains a straight face. No need to smile and encourage the man to keep pummeling me in public. 😐

At the end of those comedic bouts work stress’ relieved and we’re revitalized to work harder and smarter. Increasing the company’s bottom line and improving our service delivery. First however, we had to be blessed with a boss whose mirth is legendary.

So why am I ranting on about laughing and joking on the job. Simple, Ngozi (that was my boss at GTB) used to say that members of staff spend a considerable amount of their adult lives in the workplace. So if we are too serious, tired or keeping malice with colleagues, it transcends into the little time that we do have for ourselves, making us irritable and all negative.

Ever wondered why people fly off at the slightest provocation? If well researched you’ll find that they got ‘shredded’ wella, or have always been the butt of disdain at their workplace. People always react.

So this morning, take time out, think of those really annoying things that happen in the workplace and how you can overcome them. If you get stumped somehow, understand this, a little joke here, a random smile there and an uproarious laughter at the awkwardness of things will go a long way…

Have a great day at work! 😉


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