Have u ever woken up in the morning, realized it’s a weekday and that the perfect holiday you were enjoying in your dream is a mirage? Ever had your alarm clock scare the daybreak into you only to realize it’s just four in the morning and everywhere is still pitch black?

Have you ever roused, checked the time and promised yourself you will be up in another five minutes (as your body revolts and your spirit is not feeling so vibrant) only to doze off for the next hour? Have you ever stopped the alarm from ringing without checking the dials of the clock, dragged your duvet or cover clothe tighter and changed your sleeping gear?

If any of these scenarios has ever happened to you, don’t fret. It means you’re just human and like the rest of us, you also have your frailties. Sleep or
rest is good for the body, it helps recharge our body batteries and revitalizes the wearied spirits. Sleep is such an action.

So whether it’s for school, work, an important appointment or whatever that you need to rouse early from bed for, understand this: dysania is the laziness to drag your butt outta bed and get to doing, it’s the reason you have such an amazing excuse for being late (well, that and an oversized imagination), it’s the reason we don’t feel like doing anything (if you haven’t heard it, listen to Bruno Mars’ Lazy song).

So as a new monday be upon us, a new working week begins, as work starts, and our bodies crave the laziness of the weekend past, please understand, dysania isn’t a friend. Like procrastination, it also steals time. So make up your mind today to take charge of your life, be present and get to doing even when it’s least convenient.

Have a great day at work/school/business/or whatever you’re involved in pips. And a glorious week to boot, aal izz well…


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