Setting P

‘Now the day is over…’ So goes the nursery rhyme that plays on the adults mind as 5pm approaches signaling the end of the work day. And members of staff suddenly own their minds and shut down their computer systems leaving the workplace for their respective homes.

I hummed said song on my way out of the office building. Looked up the bridge to see that traffic on Eko bridge was somewhat light, but instead of going to take a bus under the bridge, I strolled down marina road as usual and took a bus on my way to church. That’s when the fun started.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and the day before that was my buffday by the way, for all those of you who jobbed me, thanks, God dey oo! Anyways with Valentine over, bois haf suddenly returned to their imperial predatory self. I took a seat in the bus beside a guy who sat between me and a rather pretty lady (though I won’t admit it, I may have been awestruck).

The bus moves and dude sits straight, confident. I’m rather unkempt and messy, having to lug my lappy so it sat comfortably on my laps, shirt sleeves rolled to the elbows and I had tucked out my shirt. Dude was smelling nice, had a fine face and was sitting right next to her, I thought to myself, I wish I’m this dude sha. As if he was a mind reader, he coughs and bends slightly forward. I smiled knowing the show would be starting soon. The girl who had been enjoying the Conductor’s antics looked out the window. She knew.

The Conductor collects the fare and hangs at the door of the bus, we were moving slowly, traffic didn’t look so bad, so I guessed I’d be out of the bus in about thirty minutes. Network chose that time to go bust. I almost cussed Glo but held my peace in anticipation of the movie I would have surely abandoned pinging to partake of. He didn’t disappoint.

He leans in to her and as sharp as my ears were tuned in to that radio, I missed the first words. The girl turns, observes him (as though for the first time) for a fleeting second and looks out the window, again.

Through the journey, he engages her in a conversation, though at first her responses were mere nuances, as the bus got lively and people started the subsidy discussion, she took interest in him and soon started smiling at his jokes. I rolled my eyes. Network came up, twitter was back on, I took the initiative to bury myself into the virtual world of social networking…

As I dropped at my stop and each seemed genuinely interested in the other, I couldn’t help but wonder, would I have even said ‘hi’ seeing as I’m a shy talkative. I sighed, slung my bag over my shoulder and started for church. I have a divine appointment and they almost corrupted me, choi!


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