Unbowed I stood, a dinosaur amidst men
An extinct specie, pride my only forte
Disillusioned my longings none can fill
Yet doomed to live in this age I am

Silently she approaches,
Gradually she beats my heart
Stealthily she captures me, my defenses breached
She draws nigh and I transfixed stand; I’m conquered

A reason to live she presents
A smile so bright she offers
Promises made in the heat of passion
Fool I, took the bait and chewed, I’m hooked

Give me your troubles I long after her
Your pain I’ll bear that you may smile
My strength is yours, deploy as needed
For tis you I long for, I’m converted

My lone wolf a dog has turned
Loyal, sensitive and eager to please
You invade and conquer my thoughts
Humbly, I submit, I’m subdued

This giant I, depreciates daily
Her love demands, my bank can’t fill
For she withdraws faster than a BMW uses fuel
Using up resources saved I can’t but sigh, I’m plundered

Now my voice is gone
I seek, yet my personality eludes
This my folly hath caused
For she smiled and fool I, got struck
Now my dignity is gone
My pride, away has flown
A shadow I lurk in the midst of men unseen
For in her I took a chance and failed
Miserable my spirit is done
Finally I see the light
I’m destroyed.

PS: don’t fall in love, it’s a scam. Avoid it and you have a better chance at life. :d okay that was just twisted and me joking! Hope you find a deeper meaning therein…
*throws mic away and runs from the angry mob*


33 thoughts on “Destroyed

  1. There shines a light so bright
    My ignorance took a momentary flight
    For truth u speak in words and deed
    Sorrow u find when love u seek.

    Just stealing ur thunder bro..

  2. *picks up the mike* lolz, classic case of luvin tha wrong one!!….well penned, luv dis…buh i hafta ask…does the *dog* nead a *loan* to *wolf* down another she??

  3. Good write bhu unfortunately, I coudnt finish it. Hmm itz beautiful but also make it edible too. Somefin u long for and u’ld always wish to finish. I kinda like the distinct idea buh also make it sonorous. Thank you!

  4. Wow nice piece. But love is eternal, love is sacrifice, love is like the weather no good or bad. The rain and sun just present another type of good weather. Fall in love completely and feel eternally fulfilled.

  5. Nice one daireen! But e never reach make you put caveat say make we no fall in love na! Lol!
    First time I’m reading your work! Keep it up!

    • Thanks bhai, high praise indeed. Getting ur own column na die sha oo! I reckon u’ll haf to have crazy followership 1st odawise they won’t gi u. Thanks again, high praise indeed

  6. Nice write, Чoυ destroyed it.. Well like †ђξ dinosaur in Чoυя earlier lines.
    If only i hadn’t lost ♍ ink-pot and feather i would av been spurred on to seek a scroll myself.. ☺.

  7. I was fooled, yet I believed
    Her voice my food, head swelling like a bread, leavened
    My lone wolf, a dog has turned
    And when she left Boof! I burned
    Desires creeping, emotions tripping
    Love showeth, yet it destroys
    It makes you soweth, without expecting harvest
    She was my poison, her kiss an antidote
    I wish I was poisson, statistics woulda made me take note
    I loved and she’s gone
    I was destroyed but I’m back!

    To love another day

    P.S this is just freestyle. This piece touched me.

  8. Okay….here’s my OTHER (not necessarily deeper) meaning.
    2015 is coming, Nigerian electorate, don’t believe what those fellaz will tell yu again, don’t chew their promises.
    They don’t love yu, na wash!!!
    Daireen, nice one o!

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