My Muse and I

Let it play, this sound eternal
Make it burn this heat infernal
Resonate through the ages this life immortal
Continuously blossoming this idea viral

Our story here lies
Our bond without ties
Warily emanating sighs
Still it goes beyond eyes

My first lover, jealously watching over me
Permitting lovers none but one to be
This guardian angel friend and foe may seem
Still for my joy glorious she sings

My drummer, I dance to her every beat
Recklessly lost in the whim of her moments
She displays, I articulate: finding words to capture her dance
She speaks, I confused get: eternally doomed, her mystery to solve
My tutor, searching through the ages to enlighten me
With events historic, I wax philosophies

Without her, life and boredom would merge
She my girl, others compete with her for space
My entertainment: her life, my laughs
She breathes, I live.

It clears, my mind lucid
This symbiotic relationship of him and her
The realization that both entwined have been
Is the legend of my Muse and I


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