January General CDS

I hate general CDS days, matter of fact, having to visit my LGA at all riles me. The thought of having to hustle: hustle for everything, from space, to getting my CDS card signed. It always, always is war, so I detest having to go at all. *sigh*

Still, this morning I woke up, cleaned my house and left for the LGA dutifully, there will be no excuse to give Mr Jolayemi (my LGI) for not going. I left home around 10am, hoping to be fashionably late for the general meeting and get there just as the lecture was winding down. That didn’t happen.

Getting a bus to Idumota was a battle at first, stayed at the bus stop for close to twenty minutes. Finally got a bus and off we zoomed… Getting to idumota, the bus driver stopped on the bridge; so I had to walk down to the mainland. First gbege happened then.

As I threaded the sidewalk and looked into the lagoon, an overpowering feeling overcame me. Eerily, I get that feeling every time I had to make the short jaunt. I always wonder what would happen if I were to jump over the railing into the water beneath the bridge. Needless to say, I switched sides and moved to the main road. I cannot come and die. 😐

I made it to the LGA, thank you for asking, unfortunately, I was damn too early at 11am, the lecture had yet to commence. After hailing and greeting fellow Corps members, the LGI came down to address us mortals (Corpers). Angered that I got to the place early, I made to escape the building but was suckered right back in by a friend who was arriving then.

We went for the lecture needless to say, and for the second time since I started going to the LGA I lauded the LGI. Though his sermon was rather long and windy, he held my focus in flashes. When he was done. He concluded by informing us we had to wait for another speaker who was still in transit and we were all doomed to wait…

Finally, the speaker came, spoke on Corps members demography and implored us to participate in the upcoming inter-LGA debate. By the way, all this while, we had been standing. When the man eventually concluded his speech and left, another round, actually the main round of hustling started: to sign our CDS cards everyone had to hustle for themselves.

CDS groups were given numbers to ease the order of signing CDS cards and special CDS my group, caught number three. The waiting hence began, the time was 1:45pm. After waiting for about thirty minutes, I went to see how far the man had gone with the signing things, he hadn’t started and to say I was miffed would be a massive understatement. I went back to the hall downstairs angry.

Finally I got my CDS card signed at 3:00pm. Too tired to go home, I stayed back and waited for friends he was yet to sign for. Hung out with Tope for a few minutes and she got me to snap with her, the photograph was fine sha. She left and I waited on Yetunde who stays in ‘Lere. We left the LGA at 4:00pm. Please don’t ask me when I got home, that misadventure na tori for anoda day…


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