I Dey Feel Like…

This idea has been gnawing at me for weeks now, I refused to pen it in 2011 and it’s still annoying me in 2012. So in order to be rid of a nuisance that’s almost become a part of me, here goes nothing:

This post lists some eminent Nigerians that I adore, respect and would love to be like, or not… Here goes:

Wole Soyinka: Africa’s first Nobel laureate, the man who has the license to coin his own words in language. An intellectual leader who manages to communicate even with the so called illiterates. As a writer, I would like to be world acclaimed as baba himself. Let’s see what the future holds…

Chinua Achebe: after reading things fall apart in secondary school, then a man of his people, couldn’t get enough of Mazi’s writes. Think I read all his published novels because I riffled through my mother’s library and selected as many books from him as I could find, read them all before completing junior school. He was both my English Language instructor and I think the seed of kicking against the status quo was planted then, though I didn’t know.

D. O. Fagunwa: a lot of people may not be familiar with this name, especially if you were born in the nineties, or went to a buti (aje butter) school and didn’t have to read Yoruba text in secondary school – having missed Alawiye in primary school, I went to a military elementary school – I was introduced to him in JS1 and fell in love with ‘ogboju ode ninu igbo irunmole’ and his akara ogun character! I still read any of his works I can lay my hands on today. They’re all in Yoruba though.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti: growing up, I disliked two musicians with a passion and they were Abami-Eda himself and Tupac! Their unrepentant smoking and assault on morality always turned me off. Guess I was too young then, or maybe not! Maybe they were both mad geniuses who would have been better suited to greece in the medieval times. Anyways I am honoured to have witnessed the man whilst still alive! His burial was that befitting a true king! And his words, presciently still ring true today… Hope we’re able to stem the tide soon and change the course of our history.

Sunday Adegeye (KSA): for those of you who didn’t know, that’s King Sunny Ade’s real name. As a boy, he was my idol, inspired the love of not only music, but also dancing in me. He was always a delight to watch back then and I always practiced his dance steps till I could repeat them flawlessly. He taught me dancing without receiving payment. I still look to him with admiration and respect today.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi: his swag gets me everytime, the CBN governor who’s always nattily dressed. His reforms in the banking industry and courage in the face of stormy weathers endeared him to me. Recently though, he’s slipping away gradually from that fond place… Bros, cashless Lagos won’t work in the marketplaces in Lagos oo! #nuffsaid

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai: as FCT’s minister, this man went against the rich and the poor! Acting in a Piers Morgan kinda way, he favoured neither friends nor foes! And in our country Nigeria, that’s REAL courage.

Patrick Obahiagbon: not even sure I spelt the name correctly sef. I admire his courage to speak without communicating, beffudling his audience every time and making even professors of Linguistics feel like secondary school students. (Y) you rock sir, just have mercy on illiterates like us, we always end up less knowledgeable…

Olusegun Obasanjo: I’ve always loved this man, maybe because I’m also insufferable most times. Or why else would I adore someone with an impervious skin and a penchant for doing what he wants without recourse to its implication(s) on the lives of others.

MKO Abiola: bawse man was the happening person growing up. I always wished I could be part of his family and get spoilt with those millions/billions of his. I still hold out for his inheritance sometimes, don’t call me covetous oo, it’s just the way it is, a guy can hope shey?

Aliko Dangote: richest man in Africa, need I say more? I wee do parry for all my friends 4 a week, when I inherit his billions, don’t worry, baba sule said he’ll write my name in the will… (Na joke oo)

Akinola Gbadebo: of course na! I have to add my daddy too, sadly he late now, buh I have siblings who are too emotional and will beef if they don’t see his name on this list. Best dad ever, I just won’t be marrying a second wife; daddy, that’s the legacy I opt to neglect.

Goodluck E Jonathan: he came, saw, conquered and then vanquished all. The man who rode on luck to attain the highest political office in the land. He has since become a military dictator employing guerrilla tactics to quell dissent in the land… Hmmm

D’Banj: I refuse to interview the president and be reticent on prevailing issues, irrespective of the fee I received. As the interviewer, I will stay true to my fans and ask the president damning questions he’ll think more than twice before saying my name… At least he didn’t live up to the Fela hype he received, so no, next!!!

Innocent Tuface Idibia: the crooner of the song whose title I’m using. This man has been through a lot, fought a lot of battles and made it on the dint of hardwork and persistence, problem is egbon has a plan to rival Abami-Eda himself. Well, goodluck to you o bros! Seriously though, he is a model that shows that any talented person in the country can rise to international heights. So look to him youths, and stop harrassing him about the drama…

Nwankwo Kanu: the best footballer Naija has ever produced. At least in my own opinion, I didn’t watch Muda Lawal and Mathematical Segun play, so no disrespect to them.

Benedict Iroha: this man made me love football, #gbam! His no nonsense tackles and the way he stood as a rock in the Nigerian defence back then always excited me. I mean I usually argue that outside Dennis Wise, no one else dribbled past him in a one-on-one position. If you think otherwise, cite examples…

And with that, amma draw the curtain on this here blog. Another time, maybe I’ll list out others their achievements and why becoming them wouldn’t be so bad. Till then… Peace.


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