I have always wanted to talk in confusing terms. Speaks words and mean not the opposite but something totally different. I have tried obfuscating facts to no avail. Studied the very best in the field but can’t even claim that I’ve started.

At a point, I thought to go the way of our favourite Representative, use words so grandiose my audience is befuddled with each speech I give. Problem is, those words got even me confused and since I loathe cramming that option though adorable was off the table before the jury left.

So I focused on the masters. Politicians and intelligence agents (think James Bond). These guys though mostly unintelligible have found a niche to speaking not in parables, those can be deduced, but in clear terms with words shrouded in mystery.

I want to be able to see a fine girl, and say to her, ‘you’re beautiful and I’m in love’ with a straight face. My intents neither amorous nor platonic, just a way to utterly confuse the lady and keep her guessing as to my choice of words. For my actions will betray neither love nor hate, her mind will reel every time she sees me.

I want to be able to make a statement that’s perspicacious in a regular sentence (that like the yoruba saying -l’owe l’owe la n lulu agidigbo, ologbon lo ye… *I don’t know the complete proverb oo! :'(- ) only the initiated and extremely wise will be able to decode and deduce what I’m saying. That is how I want to speak.

Employ words as puissant partners to create chaos in still waters, to ruffle feathers not a few, to antagonize pips and earn anew the title agent provocateur. I need to find the right mix though, people have always been able to see through my best li(n)es. So I need to up the ante and learn anew.

For Muse does not employ words, just pictures and feelings deeply evoked making me wonder what the trouble lies. With words I seek to be shown, her playfulness my frustration. Now with every step I take closer to her, I long to speak, be heard but not have spoken a word. To give speeches but not communicate. To confuse the entire populace…

Philosophers have often been adduced lunatics; a band of misfits who employ words to do what they should. Still their ilk it is who reigns, and in this time of seeming turmoil, one can only ask to be initiated! For to speak in risques seem the way to go… Therefore I long, to, raise my game…

PS: a rant against my Muse, she needs to speak in clearer terms to me!


One thought on “REVEAL

  1. Yh,u really need to rant against d muse cos she’s gotten me all confused.
    Yh,I know uld say data d point of dis write up but derez really smtin rong in here dat I can’t put a finger on

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