Woe is me!
Undone I am again
This screwing continuous has damaged me
Ravished and destroyed I’m lain
A spectacle for voyeurs to behold and gloat
My privates out for all to see
Tis for your own good he coos
Your interest my heart beats he pleads
Yet he feasts and I fast
He flies, I barely can run
Cruising when afraid I am to put one feet before the next
For fear that it’ll be my last if my strength I use
Still he feels my pain when he doesn’t wear my shoes
Now ravaged, I hope for death
All’s lost, hope a flicker of imagination
For though it’s preached a light at the end of the tunnel looms
Tis the light of the crushing train that meets my joy
So take away me, this misery is great
My heart stolen, beaten, broken
As my juices his amorousness desires
Just this, his love’s a farce
Fool, I believed this one especially
Now in shame and dismay I roll over
Again with meekness accepting his harsh commands
This will be the end of me if I arise not
To awake ergo a saviour I desire
Unlike a damsel in distress my fairy tale eludes
Now I hope only for death
If salvation will not my abode find
For tis onto this glimmer I hold
Waiting a phoenix to reborn
And out of this ashes rise…


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