Weep Not Nigeria

Weep not dearly beloved, this too soon shall pass
The cliche that haunts us to no end
Rising in glory as celebrations and noise joyous filled the air
An announcement so purposed rent the year
First twas the drums that quietened as the people felt the sear
Wondering their crime to this deserve
When excesses filled his reserve
Adamant the mandate enforced royal
Now I wonder how the people can this preserve

Weep not Nigeria, this storm will pass
Concerted, passionate, determined to break
Gathering the people heat and beat
Still this will in iron is clad
And with each thrust luck seems sparse
So a miracle we await
Heavens receives the cries of millions
These people would rather a deceased to the living
Tis not the way things be done their response echoes
For the will to melt and be forged to blade
To capture and judge the elite this pain arose
For really the man wielding flummoxed be
So weep not, but pray for strength

Weep not Nigeria, what you need is direction
A path that’s unique being created under the unction
To greater, better and happier environment
A country that celebrates its own
As the man on the street dares to dream and hope
His children’s goals he aids to fill
The torch of the country burning brightly
As she become a shining light amongst the nations
Weep not Nigeria, your day will come…


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