My Cimmerian Thoughts

Imagine if Nigeria split in two. One part consisting of the Christians and the other part Muslims. All Christian musicians, entertainers, and businesses will relocate to the Christian part, and so will the muslims. Imagine having to carry your house and land from one part of the nation to the other. Yes imagine it, there’s a method to this madness I assure you, keep reading!

What started as a sectarian annoyance that shouldn’t have been more than a mere disturbance at certain levels and be dealt with, has suddenly morphed into the nation’s nemesis. Now Nigeria has its own terrorist cell. Sadly our government seems powerless against their antics and lives are being lost rapidly.

Throw in the removal of fuel subsidy allowing the pump price of fuel to skyrocket by over a hundred percent and revolution is assured. Now the people have decided to pick up arms and fight on two fronts. One against boko haram and commence reprisal killings as was evident in Sapele. And two against the government it perceives as insensitive to her plight. The war drums have started sounding.

In this mix, and with the looming national strike that uncertainty trails, Muse (I still haven’t found a name for alternate me, and she aint helping) decided to share her thoughts in pictures and it flashed thus: what if Nigeria seperated along religious lines?

The Christians would chose a leader that all the pastors, saints and sinners would listen to (I had earlier wanted to mention names). Men who even the boozies agree have the anointing and spirit of the Jehovah in them. There will be variety of entertainment as both saints and sinners would be catered to. Businesses will boom (or not) as we deal more with ourselves, as Christians.

The Muslims will do same. They will get to choose the part of the land they want first, though since they dominate the north, it would be a hard thing for them to desire the south. So they’ll stay put. And all Muslims in other parts of the nation will migrate there, as well as the Christians also moving south. Houses, lands and properties will be moved to the appropriate part of the nation, as failure to do so would mean total forfeiture of such properties.

It took less than three seconds and I shivered at that thought. Muse may have playfully (or otherwise) shown me that picture, but the fact remains, that’s where we are headed as a nation if we fail to fight the real battle that is staring us in the face waiting patiently for when we would notice it and come at it.

Imagine if boko haram really is against western education, and the westerners, why are churches been blown to debris and Nigerians killed. Did the southerner magically turn caucasian overnight? Aren’t we the same Nigerians who regard them as our brothers? Have they not married across ethnicity and religion in their states and towns? Have they attacked one school since their bombings started? If not, then why kill the innocents?

As battle drums rage and a war looms, I can’t but remember the story of India and Pakistan. In 1947, they were allowed to seperate along religious lines. Hindus and Muslims. That didn’t go so well then, and there’s still a war raging between these two countries who had prior that year been brothers. Throw in the mix an oil rich Kashmir and this Nigerian movie you’ll find is not so peculiar.

Remember Sudan? South belonged to the Christians, North the Muslims. Yes they may have killed their collective enemy, but what happens to the country now? And in case you had forgotten, they are also an oil rich nation. See a pattern?

Nigeria is only rehashing a bad song, into a more sour remix. What the citizens and leaders need is a dialogue, calm minds without any accusations being alleged and to stand together in prayer for the unity of the nation. For as it reads in Ephesians 6:12 ‘for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’

Now is the time to stand up, lift our hands in worship and offer up prayers for our beloved country. A civil war, will do no one any good, think on this, and act wisely. May God continue to bless Nigeria.


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