Let There Be Light

Let there be light… Sorry pips, I do not mean NEPA/PHCN. I have a better in mind. So do not allude to the Nigerian electric power, or wonder about the prevailing situation of things in the country at present. The darkness will soon fade, as light shines brightly in the hearts of men. So I say again… Let there be light!

It’s a new year, all things have become new. As aspirations, goals, desires, plans e.t.c. were made for the year 2012 and people couldn’t wait to enter and fulfill their heart’s desires. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bask in the euphoria of the new year. Because whilst men still slept (though in the afternoon) the Government detonated the worst bomb the country had witnessed in years.

With Boko Haram killing, maiming and bombing several places in Nigeria, it was the Government’s bomb that had the worst effect on the citizens. Soon quiet houses went into a flurry, and those using their electric power generators switched them off. All went to the filling stations looking to buy and stock up on fuel.

They were dismayed as the fuel attendants and owners of fuel station were also privy to the Government’s bombshell and had closed up shop for that day. Effectively hoarding the fuel in their tanks till they could determine how much to sell by the litre. Petrol became the most sought after commodity on new year’s day. And peoples trains of thought had been effectively altered.

Several people saw their best laid plans go up in flames as the prices of goods and products would undoubtedly skyrocket as the economy of the country unfortunately is tied to the oil sector. So instead of relaxing at home and thinking on how to achieve greatness in the new year, Nigerians turned loose on the Presidency and Government of the country. Names were called (I have no desire in those) curses were pronounced as Citizens interacted with the removal of fuel subsidy.

Don’t blame us, if you’re not from here. Nigerians have had to endure too many fuel hikes and we see the same movie playing every time that happens. Government promises to better the lives of Citizens, but it’s the lives of a select elite that actually get bettered. So the people had become cynical and distrustful of the promises of the politicians preferring to better their own lives with the labour of their hands.

With the removal of fuel subsidy, men saw that labour achieving minimal effect as the government had previously taken the profit with this new bill of its. However, for those who still hold an iota of belief, who have faith that irrespective of how things go in the country; they would come into their goals for the year 2012, and achieve even a higher level of glory. It is to such that I write.

This noise about subsidy has stirred the creativity in Nigerians: jokes, pictures and what not were made, and protests (peaceful) were embarked upon. In all these, even the people who had quietly in their rooms programmed themselves for the year. Who had connected with their heart’s desires and yearnings soon found out that those desires had been relegated to the background as hate flooded hearts.

Now, like the Israelites who got conditioned that they were lesser beings in Egypt, believed it and failed to enter into the promised land. Until God changed that orientation and renewed the hearts and mind of HIS people. So also it is now. If we allow this new policy get into our hearts, it would cripple us. Mindsets would be formed and whether or not the pump price of fuel is reversed, it would take most, year(s) to achieve what they would have otherwise achieved this March.

So I bring you good news, let there be light! In our hearts in our minds in our souls. As people fight against the policy of the Government be wary of hatred against the Government and its wasteful spending. It was Nietchze who said “be wary of the hole you stare into, that you do not become the demon in it,” he wasn’t wrong.

Today I say unto you, reconnect with your heart purge it of every strife against the Government. Find out that desire of your heart again, and the year will go as you had earlier foreseen. However, this will not come in a noisy environment. So you will need to be calm and still to hear the communication of your heart to you. As the Willow godmother told Pocanhotas in the animated movie, “listen to the wind, you will understand.”

Light will dawn when irrespective of the prevailing conditions on the outside, you hold fast to your confession and believe strongly with all your heart that you will achieve what you desire. Then, you would have done the work required to enter rest, for out of the multitude of your heart, your mouth will speak and light will dawn…


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