It was the first monthly clearance of the year and Corps members (Corpers) all over the state and federation had done or were doing their clearance in order to receive the monthly allowance for the month of January 2012. Any Corper who failed to get cleared ran the risk of not being paid that month’s allowance.

Unfortunately for me, my cds day was the last clearance day for the month, so I had to go for clearance on the day that the Local Government Area (LGA) would supposedly be packed with corpers who habitually register last. I dreaded having to go the LGA to register.

strangely, I woke up that morning with no passion whatsoever to go out and hustle. Since it was my work free I lay still on my bed, tweeting, pinging and reading other peoples blogs. I did that for a while before realizing I was doing myself a huge disservice. So grudgingly, I got out of bed and made it to the bathroom.

After bathing and donning my nysc uniform, I strolled out of the house hoping for the best. Got a bus at the stop and continued tweeting and pinging. These exercises having more relevance due to the prevailing situation in Nigeria on the removal of the fuel subsidy. When I raised my head, the bus had gotten to Eko-Idumota; I was amazed.

I came out of the bus and as is customary with me got lost in the market again… Eventually, I found my way out and made it to the LGA. There, the ground hall was scanty as Corpers were minimal, and so my spirit lifted. On climbing the stairs and getting to the second floor however, I was rudely welcomed by the shock of the congregation of Corpers there waiting to have their letters signed.

Undeterred, I went in search of my file. It’s the first and most important document you need for clearance. Fished out my clearance letter and its copy and wrote my details on the letters. Then I affixed the photocopy at the back of the documents in my file, loosely placing the original there too. All these while, I was tweeting, writing a #dearGEJ series and asking for better treatment of Corpers seeing as we also have political offices. We are serving the Nation aren’t we?

After a while I discovered that the male queue was moving at an unprecedented pace and went to join the queue. When I asked why it was so, I was told the Local Government Inspector (LGI) had stopped the ladies from entering his office to sign their letters due to the fact that they were being rowdy. I couldn’t care less! If I’ll get out of the place in less than ten minutes, then I was down with that decision.

I eventually spent almost twenty minutes on the queue, got my letter signed before girls that had been at the LGA whilst I was still home bathing. Having signed, I went back downstairs to fill the log that NYSC calls payment voucher (PV) and submit my file till the next time when I came for the exercise again.

Afterwards I went and waited for my friends who hadn’t signed and when they finished we all hung out there at the LGA just gisting and chatting. We left the building around four pm in the afternoon and since I had been posted to the LGA, that was my best experience. The guys made it rock! 😉


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