Like a doom says I foretold this
Chaos looms to distress ease
The figure prays is hardly this
Still the powers remained the way it always is

A brave-heart we need I cried
Heedless they made me sigh
Now I can but sit high
And deride as they get ire

They sued for Patience
Docking under the canopy for shelter
Tis an illusion, a phantom I offered
Still deafness to my creed was blatant

Now the blast has hit the state
A country cries its tears ceaseless
Blaming the luck they once had hailed
For it had locked doors and left caged
The very believers who had jumped and shouted

Creatively the name has changed
To letters I neglect to repeat
For though their plight I admit
I cannot this sin commit
And join in the proclaiming of it
This hatred that stems out of defeat

So I stand aloof and watch in awe
An observer who came and saw
This eulogy that pleads the flaws
For tis an elegy that brews as loss
Saddened they heeded not when the call I made
Angry that now their rantings got me cowering
For unsafe this place inhabit is
For like haram a book unread is
And incendiaries the order ease
As dispersed the march past steams
A burning volcanic eruption brewing stills
As anger calmly pervades the land
This battle we have to but win…


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