Sorry for redirecting y’all here, bbm nor contain the full text. Leave ur grievances below =)) and I’ll get back to u! O:) (feeling like Goodluck)

Dis is pure beef, if ua prone to offense, don’t read; 😐

2012 dey come… Thank God it haf reach, now person fee hear word and continue life… For those of you who keed my ba3 wi BCs at the beginning of d year, God dey. Una ba3’s nor go dey last :D. And dose of u wey nor dey fee waka, thank God 4 Jona, y’all been healed without healing school. Ur legs haf been anointed to take u places in the stead of bikes and cars =))

2011 was fun, met really weird people. Chiefest of them, my inner circle (y’all knw urselves). Sam Loco woulda bowed if he weren’t dead. Them craze wella and a swear some of them get orientation tending to… 😑 may I shut up b4 dem send Spark :&

For the teachers, always correcting statements, typos and all. Wetin sef? Una go cambridge? >:/. Abegi allow me gbagaun! Boya mesef wee turn to celebrate (celebrity) and pipu wee start broadcast(ing) my hit singles X_X. U know urselves, if u must correct me, correct my Yoruba! Lord knows I gbagaun enough in the language and nobody seems to hear :$

It’s a new year, so pipu made resolutions, most will not survive the week >=) so ayam nor lie (not lying) to mysef ergo the new thing I want this year is… Choi I don forget, keep the line open, amma kip u posted πŸ™‚

Those playing my conscience, e fimi lorun sile oo! (Leave my neck alone: :|) ayam old enuf to know I need domestic hep, wateva happens next, well… a gentleman doesn’t tell O:). Besides with the fuel subsidy removal, gehs wee be more hepfu seeing as bois won’t be forthcoming wi cash #:-s. Money will be earned in sweat B-)

Still on the matter, those of you wey don dey eye me tay tay <3:/ if nt blackberry nor go am easy! So next time I borrow urs, keep the tears to ursef! 3-|. Odawise cry me a lagoon and if I come vex sef, I go tif ur pm join! 8-|

Oya, e don do for now! Not mentioning names, buh y’all know urselves! Stop harrass(ing) me :d and if I forgot to say it on day 1, mabinu #fuelsubsidy lofa, πŸ˜‰ Happy new year! 2012 is a year of greatness, enjoy! :d


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