It’s 4:42:36 AM of Sat, Dec 31, 2011, and I can’t sleep again having awoken to switch on the generator and read a blog! Sleep completely deserted me ni oo! Now I have to go to Ibafo and hope for a few hours sleep before the watch-night service. Yea pips, in case you hadn’t already noticed, it’s the final day of the year! (feeling like Archimedes at his Eureka moment! I’m sha not running out naked 8-| I mean was he drunk that morning ni?)

So unable to sleep again thanks to PHCN who we still fondly refer to as NEPA because a name change has done nothing to lift their bad repute. I mean 18month-olds know them as NEPA, so why pretend, change the name back already! Y’all still doing us strong things as PHCN that NEPA did. Matter of fact, yours is worse :|.

*calms down* This is how I initially wanted to start, where’d the time go? Cause seriously, 2011 decided it was a runner and started on a sprint. It’s still sprinting energetically even today it’s last day, as it hopes to finish strong and complete the fastest year ever, leaving us to wonder…

Buh wait oo, before we actually do write it off as that year that ended too quickly, some great things happened this year that we all need to savour. If none happened to you, you need to get out of the house more! X_x seriously 2011 had memorable events.

We had someone proclaiming ‘eni duro’ which had most scampering ‘kaba kaba’ buh me I decided to ‘(I)lefo (illuminati)’ cause at any rate I’m tha ‘young erikina’ if u don’t gerrit, follow Olamide and Konga! It’s all musical…

General elections came and went and the campaigns became written in gold with the umblerra fiasco! I mean journalists are just mean people. Now we have hits and the person’s not even a musician, makes you wonder why we still buy the CDs… :/

Boko Haram and their wahala multiplied gargantuan this year, and the whole FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NAIJA was knocked out silly! (Yeah I wrote that in caps to say nor be only GEJ dey culpable, we need to start watching out for ourselves more. Not starting anyfin though ;)) We’ve been in the ICU since their first attack this year, they just keep dumping on us and we can’t raise a finger! In a few hours, whether or not we like it, NIGERIA must get well and get in the ring again oo. This time to win!

It’s not enough that photoshop was used to crop the president’s head onto the body of a heavily built wrestler (who’s probably using steroids) showing how he defeated his political opponents, if he’s really tough, win this war raging sharply! (Yes it’s a war! And no, we refuse to live with bomb-blasts) we’re not living in a volatile region, we’re too interested in forging ahead with our lives and making meaningful impact on mankind… So a note to all political leaders, get cracking, or get outta office! 😐

Now that ayaf vented probably because I’m still probably pissed at NEPA and their erratic power supply, (I enjoy my sleep and insomnia is my worst enemy) and a government that promised stable electric power in 2010, (by the way, 2011 is almost over) and we’re yet to live that dream. I’m just saying what y’all been thinking, abi?

So I started the year in a bank as a customer relations officer! Although all I had to do mostly was give out chequebooks and search for account packages, working in GTBank was really fun and no matter my bias against working in a bank, I miss the daily rush of having to respond to an issue within a couple of minutes. That was real pressure… And I thrived on it.

Became a Corper Of the Federal republic, or as we like to call it, (CON) and camp wasn’t all it had been hyped to be. Overcrowded, underfed and we still managed to miss endurance trek no thanks to boko haram and the govt. :(. It was sha an experience. Made new friends, mixed with my roomies, who by the way were the craziest guys on camp! MH 44 rules!!! They made the dreary experience endurable. Thanks guys, love y’all.

Well, they say you do things in camp, awa o ri nkan kan se oo! Twas just yeye cold that almost finished bois, thank God no one left with pneumonia, was so cold couldn’t use the fan for days! AC’s made me shiver as I was badly exposed to cold during camp. Still wondering who had the hot idea that corpers should wear shorts and vests that normally constitute undies for a whooping 21 days u wan kee person? #:-s

PPA and the search for one was massive gbege! After initial rejection at my 1st place of posting, (which incidentally was another bank) I found out why NYSC was infamously rechristened Now Your Suffering Continues… Those guys weren’t talking about life afterwards, they were referring to the fact that as a student, you probably lived better. Fatherland con dey suffer you sake of say you gree serve, na wah oo!

Facebook finally lost all of it’s appeal. It’s now like my yahoo, I visit when I get notifications! Time was when I couldn’t visit another site and it was all Facebook. Now, sadly, (Jayj don’t gloat) Twitter has taken over. And then there’s bbm and whatsapp, I can connect with pips more easily, so why look for random pips?

I got my own blog! Been a long time coming and I finally did get off my ass and register for one. Now, I don’t even post as much as I ought to and noborri’s asking me why… Hope to do better in 2012 newais. (it’s not a resolution oo)

Toasting girls again, after my last relationship ended on a sour note, I thought I’d just leave the opposite sex be, unfortunately, they’re an evil we all must live with. So yea, I got back into the toasting game… (Whether or not I have a gf now is none of yer bizness, don’t ask! :$)

Travelled outta Naija for tha first time. At least that I’m conscious of! Never even being to Lome or Cotonou before and I was ballooning all that way to the mid-east. (By the way, Arabs seem like okay guys oo! They respect law and order, can’t say that for… :x) Enjoyed myself immensely and wished the trip would never end, buh as with all good things… 😦 they always end. 😐

So apparently 2011 has been one really long year with it’s attendant challenges and all. It just seemed to be on a sprint cause I was busy enjoying myself like when Arsenal hosted Barcelona at the emirates and won, time seemed to have slowed up till Van Persie’s equalizer, after that, it ran allowing Arshavin the winning goal and Barca no time to respond. (Einstein and his relativity of time again #:-s)

Anyways, the year has hours left. If you haven’t done yours, now’s the time. Introspect. Because come Sunday, we’d be in a new year and you’ll be too busy laying the foundations for 2012 to bother with 2011 that passed away… So immortalize this year, count your blessings and be grateful you lived through it.


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