Playing By A Different Set Of Rules

The year 2011 is coming to an end, matter of fact in some areas in the world, they are already in 2012. However, as we countdown to the new year and watching the clock call time on the year, it’s sadly not the time to sit down for sober reflections. That time passed weeks, or days ago. Now’s the time to do…

I’ve never been a firm believer of new year resolutions and what not, I mean, those points rarely last till the end of February. Just like a Nigerian Politician making campaign promises that never get fulfilled during his elected tenure in office and no one dares ask for accountability by calling them to order, so is the thing with resolutions, we rarely get past number one, so why even bother making a list?

As a new year commences in a few hours, we definitely will need to change the way we operated in 2011 to achieve better things in 2012. For me, I have isolated that to ‘becoming a better man’. So if I don’t like resolutions, then why does that sound like one, you might be tempted to ask. Well, if you’ve seen the movie ‘what happens in vegas’ I share Cameron Diaz’s philosophy before Ashton Kutchster happened in her life in the movie… I have a plan to make plans…

Now that might sound corny to most. But I assure you it is the stuff that spontaneity is made up of! But going into 2012 with a reactive mentality will mean starting the year with a defeatist mentality. That’s not what I’m sharing. No matter what the odds are or how stacked the challenges are, proactive thinking, and a clear mind on priorities will go a long way in doing you good.

We have followed trends for so long and allowed others determine what we do, say and eat. I say take your life back in 2012, and except the person’s your doctor giving you healthy tips and advice, you will do well to study and find out the veracity of statements been passed along to you as facts.

Those things that are eternally ‘needed’ but not important in your life right now, need to go. Releasing them might be all the deliverance you’ll be needing in the new year. Think about it, those calls that seemed urgent but didn’t add a thing to your life. Relationships that tend to snuff the life out of you, competition that’s unhealthy it has turned to strife and envy… and the list goes on…

As the year winds down, and a new one approaches; all hope is not lost, but represented anew. As the pain and frustration of yesteryears may be channeled into the greatest achievements of our lives. Remember, as we enter into the new year, most ready for their usual hit or miss strategies, we will do well to actually involve God in our dealings and lives in 2012.

Ezra proclaimed a fast to obtain the right way before God, as the Israelites went through the land of the enemies having boasted that God was/is more than capable to save them to the king. They found that way as they waited. Moses found the way to part the red sea and do countless miracles because he involved God in his dealings and took his orders explicitly from HIM.

In 2012, having listened to the world for so long and achieved little, why don’t we re-strategize and hand it all over to God, doing all we humanly can to achieve our desires and goals. Obeying HIS words and tenets and most importantly, playing with a different set of rules to transform our lives and destinies, proclaiming us to the world, as our steps get imprinted in the sands of time…

It’ll take work, a dogged resolution to succeed and unwavering faith that no matter what everything’s possible, and goodness will come knocking on our doors… Once that belief has been established, then boldly enter into 2012, triumphant, for you will know. It won’t be the year where you mesh with the crowd, it’ll be the year where you STAND-OUT!!!!


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