‘For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…’ And this moment forever resonates in eternity as a celebration of a love divine, a sacrifice so pure, a friendship that’s true.

All over the world, irrespective of tribe, religion or creed, today is being celebrated. It’s the most talked about day of the year, suffering so many dissents, conspiracies and arguments. Still year after year the celebrations seem only to get bigger.

Even during these times of credit crunch, when there are no jobs for the youths and despair seems to have permeated the air. Still, the advent of Christmas has brought hope anew, and hearts are being lifted as dreams and desires are birthed as the world welcomes the day of HIS birth.

No matter which school of thought a person belongs to, he/she has to admit that the greatest drama in the history of mankind was written, produced and directed by God HIMSELF as HE sent HIS son as a protagonist to play the part of the servant king, the lamb that washed the sins of man away…

So as you celebrate Christmas today, please understand, it is not xmas, no, we are celebrating Christ, born to pay the ransom for man’s sins and bridge the gap connecting man to his creator. Christ was born to die, that man would come into LIFE…

So as the day proceeds, please understand; Christmas is not about the Chicken, Turkey or the Ram you slaughtered. It has nothing to do with all those frenzied shopping at Isale-Eko causing maddening traffic in a state that probably has the highest quotient. Christmas is not based on the fireworks, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic works.

It is not about hanging out with family and sharing gifts, neither is it about the feel good feeling of hanging with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It’s a time to introspect and connect with your maker. A time to find out afresh your goals and start a new thing on the earth even as the Almighty opens up your eyes.

Christ came that all men may live, worship their maker and God and forge a relationship with HIM. Therefore, amidst all the fun and games, seeing people you have not seen in almost a year(s), remember the true reason for this season, and celebrate Him, for He deserves to worshipped.


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