Nostalgic, this year really is coming to its end. I mean, I can recall vividly taking a red brt bus from eko hotel to cms and a blue one from cms to ketu en-route Prayer City for the ‘pray your way into 2011’ program. *sighs* where did the time go?

Anyways, like the seconds, minutes, hours and days, this year is rapidly winding down. But not without great moments that will last a lifetime. I mean, I finally got to shed the title student for corper this year, *whew* after donkey years in OOU, the school freed me to serve the fatherland.

Though like a true Nigerian, I would rather just skip the entire farce of servitude that benefits the country nothing, still, it is a question of patriotism and ayam really patriotic, irrespective of my gross dislike and distrust of our politicians. I’m serving the Nation, and getting exploited by my PPA! *chai*

Anyways, 2011 had some amazing moments. I started the year as a staff of Jibiti baink (GTBank) :d *sorry, can’t help it!* there I met and interacted with some amazing people who will stay friends for a very long time… And worked with them as friends and colleagues (I will not mention names).

Then there was the award to my unit at church that saw all the members of the traffic unit in church travelling to Dubai, that was really something! Enjoyed myself immensely on that trip that I almost cried when our plane landed at Muritala. (Wipes forehead) that seems like eons now and another awards night happens in a few weeks, wish we win a trip to the bahamas this time, could really use some lazy ass time right now.

This year, I made amazing friends first with Nimbuzz and ebuddy, then via bbm and the numbers keeps swelling by the day. I voted this year, for the very first time, actively participated in the curtain show of the electioneering, too bad my candidate for president didn’t win, for all those who voted for him, please don’t complain about the subsidy removal, y’all voted the man and gave him the power to mess us up! *sad*

In trying to keep it short, this year has had its fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows and frustrations and successes and all the ingredients that make life tick. But through it all, I have come through, fresh as rose I emerged and moved on every time. Now as the curtain prepares to fall on the year, I have just this to say, I have learnt all that the year has tried to teach, and hopefully will not be repeating any of those classes in 2012.

So though a few days remain yet, it is with a heavy heart that I say adieu to 2011, I have embraced 2012 and all it has in store for me…

PS: though I didn’t wanna mention names, still, I got to do this, Biola (thapunthief) Lawal, go and marry oo! At least she’ll cook for bois and feed us fat =))


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