Osho Free Aint tha Best

Work ended on a high for me, and bubbly, I left the office on my way to catch a bus to Mushin as I was on my way to church. Got stopped by a colleague who asked me to help her move a package to another colleague’s car. I didn’t know then that a cosmic joke was in the works, and I was to be the punchline.

Got to the car, dropped her package but was made to wait for the owner of the load as the car owner threatened to leave it on the pavement if she didn’t arrive in the next few minutes. I stuck by the load and wondered why I’d been unjustly dealt! She came out the revolving doors soon smiling and raring to go.

As I threw her load in the trunk of the car and made to leave the car owner looked at me and says where are you going? I answered empire close to mushin, it was a tactical mistake I found out few minutes later. Get in, I’m going towards that side! So grateful I’d be saving my transportation fare, I got in the car and consigned myself to needless hours in traffic!

Once we got stuck in the traffic at Isale-Eko where he’d gone through, I understood that it would be one long journey, unlike the ones I take daily on my way back home! I managed to motivate myself by pinging and tweeting. Still the traffic got to me after spending twenty minutes in the same spot. I wondered the evil genius who invented double parking.

After a while, I stopped checking my wrist for the time, because with each passing minute spent in that place, I had mentally gotten out of the car and flagged down a bike. Just didn’t do it for real, for we were all colleagues working in the same unit at work and the fact that I was mixing finally was a good sign to my superiors. Didn’t want them to think me a complete weirdo, so I sat and took the pain.

After an hour, we got out of Isale-Eko and my sigh of relief in the car was the loudest. I was glad to have seen the last of Eko that day. Tomorrow will be another day and I’ll get into another yet challenging travesty. But that will be a welcome development as my weekend starts in twenty-four hours!

Eventually, after and hour and forty-five minutes, I got to church and the teaching had commenced I had to sneak in quietly. Hating myself for saving cash and trading off time. *mental note to self henceforth* Osho free aint the best when you have important events to attend. I learnt this lesson in time, and it was really expensive…

Till the next time I get caught in traffic and my muse is really cooperative…


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