It’s the last monday of the year, technically because for all intents and purposes, the last one is a holiday and no one will be complaining about that monday. Just eternally grateful to have experienced the Christmas celebrations and hoping for a bigger, brighter and better year ahead.

Having gone through the weeks in this year, through the ups and downs. The highs, the lows and the outright forgettable experiences we have come thus far and now, as the last working monday of the year ends, the sighs are not a few, as many wipe their eyebrows grateful they survived yet another day.

So as I sit in traffic on my way home this evening, I can’t but be thankful, for the life I’ve lived this year 2011. Though in parts, I cried (technically, it was more like groaning), I was able to find laughter even in the oddest situations. I travelled outta Naija for the first time, and saw a different world view that makes my heart break every time PHCN announces their demise!

I am grateful however, for my life, for peace that prevails (though precariously), Nigerians are on the verge of a revolt if the fuel subsidies are removed, and Lekki residents have taken on the Lagos state government for tolls been levied on the expressway. For traffic I can sit in and write, for annoying bosses and colleagues who made the year memorable and taught me lessons in the workplace (mostly good). I appreciate the danfo drivers who decide they are formula 1 racers with me in the bus pulling all sorts of stunts it took the grace of God to get me home safely and in one piece, I am grateful.

I am thankful for my family that stands united through its dysfunction. I appreciate the concerted efforts of the Policemen acting as a balance to counteract the thievery and extortion of conductors by collecting ‘rogers’ in broad daylight mafia style. For the agberos who always have the most colorful words I’m always shell shocked!
I wanna appreciate our politricksians for their dexterity at manipulating and confusing the populace. It is no mean feat. If you think otherwise, try manipulating the person closest to you. For the super eagles who broke the hearts of millions of Nigerians by failing to qualify for the African cup of Nations next year. (At least now I’ll be able to conveniently support Cote d’Ivoire)

And I cannot fail to mention my beloved telecomms providers! They’ve all taken turns to do me over (sighs – I feel like a prostitute) their connections always getting worse instead of better. 😦 but I must specially thank eMpTyN for crediting my line wit over a thousand Naira for lack of usage, please don’t stop this newly developed attitude towards me in the new year, I promise, I’ll use the credit judiciously and toss the sim aside once the credit has been spent… 😉

(Exhales deeply) Now, that may have sounded bizzare, but if you live in Lagos or Nigeria, you’ll know that this are the things to be grateful for, for they oddly add spice to our lives and make us smile – at times too smugly. Anyways, now that it is out of my system, let’s see if I can write a blog on gratitude that’s not filled with sarcasm. You’re welcome to share your diatribes too, it will be a nice cathartic way to let go of all the pain and frustrations of the year and focus on a new beginning… Come 2012

Gotta run now, we have finally navigated our way out of the traffic and are approaching my stop. Till I get stuck in traffic again…


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