What To write

I’ll miss my deadline! This sad realization dawned whilst I was sitting in traffic going home from work. As a dynamic and freelance writer who also writes for nysc editorial cds, I had articles due for submission on the morrow. And there I was sitting in that bus not having written even a single word, talk less a sentence.

As I sat there in traffic wondering about the content of my articles for the cds group, wishing that I had sage wisdom to share and impart, I blanked out and did what I do best when all else fails and I’m stumped for words… I wrote

For those of you who read this, you will find that it has neither rhyme nor reason, no varnished finish, just raw thoughts flowing out ceaseless, as I hope to connect with my muse for inspiring thoughts and articles that will not only be publishable, but that will also inspire men to greatness. I waited on her and started flirting, knowing that this muse of mine, like most writers’ is a very hard being to convince! So I set out once again to show why this gift has being bestowed on me of GOD Himself.

Traffic didn’t let up, network connection became piss poor, and I wrote right there sitting in traffic, wondering exactly what to write and how to write it. Still, after I completed this piece I marvelled that I was even able to write at all! Now that the juices are mixing again, it’s time to get to writing those articles for my cds. First one will be on conversing with the opposite sex! Stay tuned!

PS: I think I should be adding a new category called ‘blogging in traffic’ it should be fun as I’ll write it mostly sitting in traffic on my way to or from work! Keep a date!


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